The Aaron Institute Annual Conference

The Aaron Institute annual conference hosts Israeli business leaders and senior policy makers, as well as leading economists from around the world and top Israeli economic analysts, for an open and professional discussion of economic policies in Israel. We discuss key issues facing the Israeli economy at the current global markets and recommend strategic reforms to enhance Israel’s growth.

  • Annual Conference 2022

  • כנס מכון אהרן 2021

    Aaron Institute Conference 2021

    The Aaron Institute 2021 conference was held on 21-22 / 06/21 and focused on the issue: "The exit from the Corona crisis". The conference was attended by business community leaders, policy makers and leading economists from Israel and around the world.

  • Annual Conference 2019

    Low Investment, Low Productivity: Why is the Israeli economy lagging behind?

  • Annual Conference 2018

    Government Policies For Poverty Reduction and Growth

  • Annual Conference 2017

    Does the government have an economic strategy?