• Dr. Jennifer Shkabatur

    Senior Research Scholar

    Dr. Jennifer Shkabatur is an Assistant Professor at the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy & Strategy at Reichman University in Israel, where she leads an MA concentration on Global Impact Studies, which seeks to create a bridge between Israeli technologies and global challenges faced by developing countries. Her research focuses on the ethics of artificial intelligence, innovation policies and job creation in the digital economy, informal economy and entrepreneurship, regional economic development, open and big data, open government, e-government, etc.

    Dr. Shkabatur is also as seasoned international consultant, leading and contributing to a wide range of programs and projects of the World Bank, United Nations Development Programme, International Labour Organization, OSCE, WWF, Open Society Foundations, and other international organizations. She has worked in more than 25 countries in East Africa, Eastern Europe, Latin America, South Asia, and Central Asia. She holds Doctorate and Master degrees from Harvard Law School.

  • Dr. Kasey Barr

    Post-Doctoral Fellow

    Kasey Barr is a teaching and research fellow with the Behavioral Political Science Lab within the Program in Political Psychology and Decision Making at Reichman University in Israel. She completed her doctoral degree at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2021, writing her dissertation on, Groupthink, Polythink, and Con-Div in U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East. She has published chapters and articles on foreign policy decision making with the Policy Studies Journal, Routledge Press, Oxford University Press, and Cambridge University Press.

  • Eran Hadas

    Research Fellow

    Eran Hadas is a software engineer who has held various management and software development positions, focusing on the intersection between creativity, language and algorithms, and in recent years also on XR and Machine Learning. Hadas is a member of the Tel Aviv University Digital Media Program founding team, where he is also a lecturer. He has also served as a Visiting Scholar/Creator in a number of institutes, among them are Caltech and Weizmann Institute of Science. He has published nine books to date, and contributed chapters to various academic publications and anthologies.