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Digital Newsletter reflecting the IPS insights, centers on conveying clear and focused messages on core issues in national security and resilience. In addition to insights, the newsletter contains articles highlighting various perspectives of this issue. The papers are written by IPS researchers and other scholars.


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  • A New Government - Immediate Strategic Challenges

    November 2022 | The Window of Opportunity for Curbing Iran is Gradually Closing | The New Government’s Civil and Social Challenges Through the Prism of National Resilience | The Arab Public’s Votes for the 25th Knesset: Trend Analysis and Future Prospects

  • Petty Politics or a Broad Strategy

    October 22 | The agreement reached with Lebanon exhibits strength and strategic wisdom | Will the Escalation lead Putin to Use Tactical Nuclear Weapons? | How Ungovernability and Social Instability are Directly Linked to Israel’s National Security Challenges

  • The Strategic Minefield – Mapping and Policy Recommendations

    September 2022 | Towards Escalation in Ukraine? | Low Voter Turnout among Israeli Arab Citizens during the Coming Elections: Strategic Implications for Israel

  • The Middle East’s “Strategic Explosives” Challenge

    July 2022 | Selection of Recent Publications by the Institute for Policy and Strategy

  • Global & regional instability alongside possible domestic upheavals

    July 2022 | President Biden’s visit to the Middle East: Strategic implications for Israel | "Fighting for the experiment”: Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel, 2021-2022 | The need for overall strategy as the military undergoes change | Nuclear deterrence in the era of new world order

  • The combined strategic challenge: "A play in 3 acts"

    April 2022 | Russian preparation for a prolonged campaign in Ukraine | Jordanian stability put to the test | "Lone Wolves" 2.0: The characteristics of the current wave of terror attacks in Israel

  • The Global Crisis - Shock Waves

    April 2022 | The options Putin faces and the implications for Israel | The Negev Summit from a regional perspective: What are the implications for Israel? | Between the Negev Summit and Terror Attacks

  • The War in Ukraine - Global Impact on Israel

    March 2022 | How should Israel conduct itself in view of the shift in world order? | War in Ukraine: The Middle East is learning strategic lessons | The invasion of Ukraine: Putin's policy undergoes reality testing

  • World order in crisis: Implications for Israel

    March 2022 | The Ukrainian crisis as a case study for the Russian-Chinese axis | Libya on the verge of political chaos: Regional and international implications | Convening the PLO's Central Council: A "bullet-less gun" pointing at Israel, and "no message" vis-à-vis the Palestinian public

  • The global game of chess: Implications for Israel

    Februaey 2022 | The crisis in the Ukraine – Putin holds all the cards | The exacerbating crisis in Lebanon and regional competition | One year to the Biden Administration – Mixed balance between the domestic and international arenas | How Will Sheikh Ra`ed Salah's Release from Prison Impact the Arab Israeli Public?

  • Time to Think Differently

    February, 2022 | Is the crisis in the Ukraine heading for escalation? | The drone attack in Abu Dhabi – Implications for Israel and the region | The tension in the Negev | Sounding the Alarm Conversations with Major General (Res.) Amos Gilead

  • 2022 – Intensifying National Security Challenges

    January 2022 | An overall strategy for Israel against the threat posed by Iran | The Ukrainian crisis: Winter is coming? | Cairo's strategic maneuver between Washington and Moscow |

  • The Iranian Threat: Which Cards Can Israel Play?

    January, 2022 | Are We Headed for a Regional Reshuffle? Implications and Recommendations for Israel | Putin's ‘Red Lines’: Moscow Is Raising Its Bet While Playing “Chicken” With Washington | How Will Sheikh Ra`ed Salah's Release from Prison Impact the Arab Israeli Public? | 2000 - "Year Zero" of Crime and Violence in Israeli Arab Society

  • The strategic map: Achievements in the face of mounting challenges

    October 2021 | A new regional architecture? The impact of U.S. strategy on the regional Arena | Deploying the SHABAK against crime and violence in Israeli Arab society: Between a political consideration and a civilian constraint | SAVE THE DATE - Security & Policy Conference - What Strategy Does Israel Need?

  • The challenges and opportunities for Israel’s national security in the coming year

    September 2021 | Iran – Where is the nuclear threat headed? | The nexus between Gaza, Lebanon and Iran | The Israeli Prime Minister’s Invitation to Egypt: How Egyptian Strategy Intersects Israel’s | Hamas is striving to change the rules of the game with Israel | Wary But Intrigued, Saudi Arabia is Still Weighing Potential Ties to Israel

  • The American Withdrawal from Afghanistan: Lessons and Ramifications for Israel

    August 2021 | The Prime Minister's visit to Washington - A one-time opportunity | The "New Levant" initiative: A new regional alliance in the making? | Russia, China and the US – Tangible alliances and conflicts in the virtual sphere | The crumbling of Lebanon: Characteristics and ten implications for Israel | The Tunisian turmoil: A domestic crisis with regional implications

  • Growing threats - A combined strategic response is required

    August 2021 | Should the regional competition in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin be viewed by Israel as an opportunity or risk? | Beware of returning to the "old arrangement" in Gaza | Russia is proceeding to implement its Sukhoi deal with Egypt | Russia's national security strategy (2021) – Strengthening confrontational sentiment and siege mentality | Is the Palestinian Authority on the verge of collapse?

  • Recommendations for the new Israeli government

    June 2021 | "Washington, we have a problem": How can Israel-U.S. relations be restored? | Can the United States Overcome the Russian Challenge? | Stability in the West Bank: A strategic Israeli asset that must be strengthened | The Egyptian strategy on the Palestinian issue | The first Arab party in a ruling Israeli coalition

  • The conflict with Hamas: A strategic rerouting is required

    June 2021 | Operation "Guardian of the Walls" A strategic score and policy recommendations | The U.S. and the escalation in Gaza: Strong support, not an open check | Observing without intervening: The Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the Russian standpoint

  • Israel is in urgent need of a national security policy

    May 2021 | Erdogan's troubles: the "charm offensive" is not gaining momentum | The stick, carrot, and great Russian strategy | The postponed elections in the Palestinian Authority

  • Israel Lacks Clear Strategy

    April 2021 | As U.S. Negotiates with Iran Israel grapples with a strategic dilemma | On the Navalny effect, the new China-Iran agreements, and Russian entrenchment in Lebanon | The Arab Public's votes to the 24th Knesset

  • "The Day After" Elections: Eight Reality-Shaping Challenges

    March 2021 | Israel is facinga series of strategic reality-shaping challenges. Here are the eight key challenges the next Israeli government will come up against on "the day after" elections.

  • Multiple Challenges: A Call for Leadership

    U.S.-Iran: A "Words and Swords" Dialogue | The Involvement of the International Criminal Court in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict | Is the U.S. Sanctions Weapon Effective? | The United Arab List (RAAM): Conservative Revolution in Israeli Arab Society

  • Israel-U.S. relations are being put to the test

    March 2021 | Biden, The Middle East and the Chances at Ending the Conflict | The elections in the Palestinian Authority | Biden's first speech on foreign policy – Insights and implications for Israel

  • Israel is in a labyrinth – what should it do?

    February 2021 | How should the Biden Administration be approached on the Iranian issue? | Unnecessary Defiance | Back to The Persian Bazar | The first conversation between Putin and Biden | Exacerbated crime and violence alongside weakening governance among Arab society in Israel

  • Maintaining the "special relations" with the U.S. in the shadow of a domestic crisis in Israel

    January, 2021 | The Middle East is waiting for Biden | ​2020: A Fickle Year for Russia in the Region | Nabi Musa events as a reflection of transformations and tensions in the Palestinian system | ​U.S.-Israel Relations: A New Era?

  • Is the U.S. Being Perceived as "Packing It In" and Providing Tailwind for Extremists?

    December 2020 | The Biden Administration and the Middle East: An Entanglement of Tensions and Conflicting Interests | Russia Is Achieving Its Goals in the Middle East and Africa | ​Arab Politics in Israel Is "Calculating a New Route"

  • A New Administration in Washington: Opportunities & Challenges for Israel

    November 2020 | Great-Power Competition and the Middle East | U.S.-Iran: The Sanctions "Paradox" | ​Moscow Is In No Hurry to Congratulate Joe Biden | The Palestinians following Biden's victory | Strategic Assessment for Israel - Insights & Recommendations

  • 5 Core Issues as we Welcome the New Jewish Year

    October 2020 | ​Scenario: How Israel could be Left Alone to Face a "Bad Deal" with Iran | ​20 Years to the 2nd Intifada: An Analysis of Shifts in the Palestinian System and their Implications for Israel | Russia Marks Five Years of Presence in Syria

  • Coronavirus and the Annexation: Different Crises, Similar Failed Actions and Flawed Governance

    July 2020 | Iran: Potential for Deterioration under the Shadow of Worsening Conflict on a Diplomatic and Covert Playing Field | ​The ‘Twilight Zone’ of the Annexation: How Israel Is Paying the Price of the Move before It Is Even Implemented | President Putin puts the countdown of Russia's political system back to ‘Zero’ and continues promotion of long-term policy in the Middle East

  • Annexation "IN" – Iran "OUT" Israel Undermines the Struggle against Iranian Nuclearization

    June 2020 | The Crisis in Libya: Conflicting regional and international interests | In the shadow of new American sanctions, Russia continues to expand its influence in Syria | Fateh`s "Tanzim" Formations: a potential challenge that is liable to intensify in the face of scenarios of deterioration in the Palestinian arena

  • Warning - Mines Ahead!

    June 2020 | ​Russian Strategy in the Middle East in the Shadow of the Coronavirus | ​Stop the Blow | ​Lebanon: A Country Entrapped | “The Day After” Abu Mazen Does Not Have to Be Different from the Day Before - and a Lot Depends on Israel

  • The Annexation Plan: A Core Challenge to the National Security of Israel

    May 2020 | ​Economic Recession in the Coronavirus Era | The Iranian Nuclear Challenge - Options for American Policy and the Implications for Israel | Escalation of the Israeli-Palestinian Struggle for Influence in East Jerusalem in the Shadow of the Coronavirus Crisis

  • The Coronavirus Crisis in Israel. Indeed, the Light at the End of the Tunnel?

    May 2020 | The Spread of the Coronavirus and the Economic Crisis in Syria Constitute a Strategic Challenge for Russia | ​Arab Society in Israel at a Crossroad | The Debate over Regime Change in Teheran and the Challenge of a Nuclear Iran

  • Is Israel Prepared to Emerge from the Coronavirus Crisis?

    April 2020 | Iran: A strategic challenge in the Coronavirus era, as well | Russia in the Middle East in the Coronavirus Age | Preliminary Insights and Recommendations for a New Government in Israel | Israel and the Palestinian Authority in the Face of the Coronavirus Crisis