The 11th Herzliya Conference - Critical Junctures for Israel: World and Middle East in Turmoil, 2011 was held on February 6-9, 2011 | Reichman Univeersity

2011 was a critical juncture of game-changing developments that required international decision-making regarding a broad and daunting array of issues to include strategic directions of the key regional actors, the Middle East Peace Process, the future of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, domestic political stability in the Middle East, energy and natural resource security and geopolitics, regional and global economic governance, as well as new forms of cyber and missile warfare and the attempts to curb nuclear proliferation.
Shaping regional and international policy debates, the deliberations at Herzliya also addressed Israeli responses to these challenges and strategies to pro-actively confront the "soft war" launched against the legitimacy of Israel's right to self-defense, its inherent obligation to vigorously pursue its national interests, and even its very existence as a Jewish state.


כנס 2011