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    Israel's electoral system only harms the country - opinion

    The Jerusalem Post | Lior Akerman | 12.1.2023



    Where’s the outrage over Smotrich’s outrageous Shin Bet conspiracy claims?

    Times of Israel | Lior Akerman | 6.11.2022

    Times of Israel

    With Netanyahu Back, Will Israel's Next Showdown with Iran Be Over Ukraine?

    Newsweek | Amos Gilead | 3.11.2022


    Israel takes ‘calculated risk’ in rejecting Russian annexation of Ukrainian territories

    ynet | Shay Har-Zvi | 30.9.2022


    Israel Takes a ‘Calculated Risk’ in Rejecting Russian Bid To Annex Ukrainian Territories

    themedialine | Shay Har-Zvi | 28.9.2022


    Israel stuck in quicksand of elections as our enemies grow stronger

    ynet | Amos Gilead | 8.4.22


    As Russia-Israel tensions heat up, analysts advise caution

    Jewish News Syndicate| Amos Gilead | 26.7.22


    Israel is hoping its gas will finally make it part of the Middle East

    The Washington Post | Moshe Albo | 20.6.2022

    Washington Post

    Iran 'Weeks Away' From Having Enough Material for a Nuke

    Defense Minister Benny Gantz Addressing the IPS conference | Hamodia | 18.5.22


    Israel’s army simulates attack on Iran

    Defense Minister Benny Gantz Addressing the IPS conference | Al-Monirot | 18.5.22


    Iran working to complete 1,000 advanced centrifuges - Gantz

    Minister Benny Gantz at the IPS conference | i24 | 17.5.22


    Iran working on new underground centrifuges

    Minister Benny Gantz at the IPS conference | ALARABIA news | 17.5.22


    Mansour Abbas: Arab-Jewish political cooperation should be an end, not a means

    Mansour Abbas Addressing the IPS conference | Tines of Israel | 17.5.22

    Times of Israel

    Muslim world slams Abu Akleh killing, but largely refrains from blaming Israel

    Times of Israel| Moshe Albo | 12.5.2022

    Times of Israel

    Jordan demands total control

    Heritag | Moshe Albo | 6.5.2022


    Lapid’s flagship Negev Summit sets sail on a sea of regional fears

    The Times of Israel - Lazar Berman | Moshe Albo | 27.3.2022

    Times of Israel


    Iran, Hezbollah, Lebanon top Bennett's agenda with Biden

    Al-Monitor | Udi Evental | 24.8.21


    A West Bank tinderbox Israel can't let explode

    The Jerusalem Post | Michael Milshtein | 17.8.21

    Jerusalem Post

    Months after UN lifted arms embargo on Iran, ‘dam hasn’t burst’ yet

    JNS | Udi Evental | 15.7.21


    Are Israel and Jordan ready to turn over a new leaf?

    JNS | Moshe Albo | 14.7.21


    Hezbollah and Israel: Between Deterrence and Deterioration

    Times of Israel | Amos Gilead | 13.7.21

    Times of Israel

    Israel's counter-Iran strategy: Significant accomplishments, but a negative trend

    Player FM - Podcast | Udi Evental | 23.6.21


    Russia’s role in Middle East concerning for Israel and US

    The Jerusalem Post | Amos Gilead | 5.5.21

    Jerusalem Post

    Jerusalem crisis, Hamas sees opportunity to retake center stage

    Times of Israel | Michael Milshtein | 30.4.21

    Times of Israel

    Palestinian Authority President Postpones Parliamentary Vote

    WSJ | Michael Milshtein | 30.4.21


    Confronting US on Iran has price tag

    Player FM - Podcast | Udi Evental | 19.4.21


    Israel is walking open-eyed into a crisis with Iran

    Haaretz | Udi Evental | 14.4.21


    Lebanon, Israel sea dispute stuck over a gas field

    Menafn | Udi Evental | 12.4.21


    Strained Saudi-US ties will likely bring Gulf kingdom closer to Israel

    JNS | Udi Evental | 5.4.21


    The Israeli security services have no wish to rock the boat, but they have few measures to influence the upcoming polls

    JFJF | Michael Milshtein | 24.1.21


    World watches as Biden takes over a 'humbled' U.S. struggling to contain its crises

    NBC News | Amos Gilead | 20.1.21


    Trump’s Legacy in Israel

    The New Yorker | Amos Gilead | 12.1.21

    The New Yorker

    Iran gathers ‘bargaining chips’ as it begins enriching uranium to 20 percent

    JNS | Udi Evental | 5.1.21