The Institute for Liberty & Responsibility

Dr. Amnon Cavari, Head of the Institute for Liberty & Responsibility

The Institute for Liberty and Responsibility at Reichman University (IDC Herzliya) is a platform for academic research of Israeli politics and democracy. The Institute seeks to advance the values, policies, and institutions vital to the survival of liberal democracy in Israel. It is a place of research and university instruction, but also an active participant in the public discourse on political institutions and political behavior.


Our work on Israeli democracy and liberal values in Israel focuses on three areas of research:

Democratic and liberal values – assessing and enhancing liberal and democratic values of Israeli citizens and political leaders.

Responsible society – assessing and enhancing citizen and public responsibility committed to liberal and democratic values in a pluralistic and tolerant Israeli society.

Political responsiveness – assessing and enhancing responsive, accountable, and effective democratic institutions and public policy in Israel.




The Institute offers an internship program for hands-on research experience with the Institute’s faculty. For more information or to apply, please contact:




Honors program

The Institute sponsors an honors program for top students at Reichman University at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Entry is very competitive. Students accepted to the program participate in a year-long workshop that combines theoretical research and practical experience outside the university.

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