"Knowledge – as we said when we founded Reichman University (IDC) – should not be stored in disciplinary silos. From the beginning, we introduced an interdisciplinary model of education, education based on the rigorous integrated study of at least two social science disciplines."

"Today, a whole new approach to interdisciplinary education is clearly needed. The ever-accelerating technological revolution requires innovative academic frameworks to prepare our students to confront the challenges of the 21st century. The core of our university will soon be an interdisciplinary technological and scientific research center. By bringing together under one roof leading researchers from diverse fields of knowledge, unique creativity is likely to be generated. The collective contribution of all the scholars and researchers will respond to the need to redesign the faculties of social sciences, and will stimulate student entrepreneurship and innovative responses to existing or predicted industry and societal needs. Reichman University is implementing a structural change that we foresee as enriching the entire university with new and innovative ways of dealing with the changing realities of our lives."

- Prof. Uriel Reichman, Founding President and Chairperson of the Board of Directors.

Structure of the Innovation Center

  • The Innovation Center provides technological guidance and mentoring to the most innovative and promising student start-ups.
  • The Center's researchers introduce new technologies to the social science schools to advance research, applied knowledge and new interdisciplinary master's programs.
  • The Innovation Center houses state-of-the-art, multidisciplinary labs in a dedicated building.
  • These labs work in collaboration with each other on integrative and interdisciplinary research.
  • The Center initiates integrated research to respond to social and economic challenges.
  • The Center works closely with industry and government partners on applied projects.

Academia-Industry Ties

Reichman University will leverage and expand its extensive ties with industry and establish exciting mentorships and internships for students.
Students will be required to work on applied projects together with students from other specializations and with industry partners.

An important component of the Innovation Center is an incubator for Reichman University startups and entities. The incubator will house start-ups specializing in Human-Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data innovations, and applications in areas including Fintech, Disaster Management, Counter-terrorism, Autonomous Vehicles, and Machine Learning.

The reality that industry is the first to identify technological challenges and academia is the most efficient in dealing with these challenges compels collaboration between industry and the Innovation Center.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Data Science and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science Applications

Human-Computer Interaction (including AR, VR)

Brain Research and Computational Biology

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