Multisensory Ambisonic Room

Our multisensory ambisonic room is a one of a kind cube-shaped research space, equipped with 97 line-array speakers.


The multisensory room also includes a professional sound studio controlled from a separate control room. It features an ambisonic system at the highest 12th order, in-ear binaural recording abilities, and can function as a professional recording studio.


The individual in-the-ear recordings can later be used to study spatial sound processing in the brain, using fMRI.


Our ambisonic system provides a sound programming technique that allows us to create a sphere sound experience (360 degrees in any direction).


We use the room to further investigate the integration of inputs from different senses, such as vision, audition, touch and movement.


The room can also be programmed as a relaxing multisensory environment.


Additional in-room facilities include physiological recordings to measure heart rate, galvanic skin responses and breathing patterns. This way, we can scientifically measure relaxing or anti-anxiety interventions, for instance.


Synchronized sounds and light can be projected onto the body.


Our system also has a full-motion capturing capacity with the ability to manipulate audio, vision, and even VR through movement.