Our Management Team

doris arkin
Doris Arkin
Founder of the institute, and representative of the Arkin Family Foundation. Arkin holds an MA in Clinical Child Psychology from Tel Aviv University. She specialized in the Early Childhood Mental Health Unit, the Child and Adolescent Clinic, Ramat Chen.
yael segal

​Yael Segal
Head of the Ziama Arkin Infancy Institute and head of the Clinical Unit. Segal holds an MA in Clinical Child Psychology from Tel Aviv University. She is a training psychoanalyst at the Israeli Psychoanalytic Society.

tali frenkel
Tahli Frenkel (PhD)
Dr. Frenkel conducts translational developmental neuroscience research to inform prevention/intervention programs. Her research interests include intervention studies aimed at identifying mechanisms of change in early intervention programs; understanding the role of early caregiving in shaping development of the infant brain and socio-emotional regulatory capacities; identifying early mechanisms of risk and resilience which may be targeted in parent-infant intervention programs; development of screening tools aimed at identifying women at risk for perinatal/postpartum psychopathology.
tamar singer


​Adv. Tamar Singer

Executive administrator of the Ziama Arkin Infancy Institute. She holds a BA in Law and Business from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya. She completed her residency in criminal law, worked at the Tel Aviv District Attorney, and as a private defense attorney. She has experience of over a decade in executive management of research institutes at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya.