The Technology and Mental Health (T.M.H) research hub at Reichman University is home for faculty and students passionate about the potentially positive impact technology can have on the mental health and wellbeing of people. Our researchers develop and study the effect of various technologies, from mobile apps, web apps, and online games, to social robots, VR experiences, and tangible interfaces.

Our faculty & research

The research faculty at T.M.H are from the School of Communication, School of Computer Science and the School of Psychology, with expertise in clinical psychology (both adults and children), cognitive psychology, social psychology, HCI/UX, VR/AR, AI/ML, and technology innovation.

Our value for industry and students

Technology companies can collaborate with T.M.H by requesting an expert evaluation of their product. Faculty and students will assess the product and its potential impact using a series of evaluation techniques, from expert clinical analysis to UX-focused user testing.


Students can join T.M.H in several ways, from taking 1-2 courses to taking the full B.A. cluster of courses, and by joining the research team as a B.A. research assistant, an M.A. thesis students or Ph.D. students.

Join Our Hub!

Individuals, groups and organizations may join our hub in several different ways: Research collaborators, Undergraduate students, Graduate Students, assistants, Financial Supporters. Please contact us

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