Over the past decade, the conference has become one of the top conferences in financial economics research worldwide

About the Conference

  • The Annual Conference in Financial Economics Research, founded by The Rothschild Caesarea Foundation, is entering its 18th year and is supported by Eagle Labs.
  • Over the past two decades, the conference has become one of the top conferences in financial economics research worldwide.
  • The conference's small-scale environment, high level of papers and discussions, and its attendees, drawn from top schools around the world, all combine to foster interaction and academic dialogue.

The Conference in practice

The organizers of the conference are Jacob Boudoukh, Yaniv Grinstein and Shimon Kogan. Each year we receive approximately two hundred papers. The papers are screened in a two-stage process by a committee of over fifty leading academics spread over all relevant subfields. Discussants are matched to selected papers based on their relevant expertise. The conference’s prominence in the academic community results in submission of excellent work by researchers from around the world. That, combined with a rigorous screening process, resulted in up to 60% of the papers presented during our 2006-2020 conferences being published in one of the top five finance journals.

About Eagle Labs


Eagle Labs is a breeding ground for ventures developing new and innovative quantitative trading strategies. Leveraging knowledge and experience gained through two decades of systematic trading, Eagle strategically invests in ventures while providing them with the optimal enviro​nment to thrive. Portfolio companies can focus on developing trading strategies while benefiting from Eagle’s extensive infrastructure. With a global operation covering all major exchanges, the lab seeks new opportunities across a broad range of financial instruments and geographical areas in all trading frequencies. Eagle Labs invests globally in great teams of entrepreneurs regardless of the phase of their venture.