Undergraduate Programs Arison School of Business

The curriculum of this 3-year degree program is designed to prepare students for management and professional head office positions in the Israeli economy. The Arison School of Business comprises both mandatory and elective courses, and offers three major areas of specialization: Financing, Marketing, and Internet, Mobile and Social Studies.

    We offer the following programs:​

    • B.A. in Business Administration

    The BA in Business Administration is a three year program, designed to prepare students for managerial and entrepreneurial positions in a breadth of professional arenas. The theme of the Arison School of Business as reflected by its cutting edge education program is "managerial agility and innovation." Our students learn the core concepts of business education as well as the most advanced ideas and practical tools from our world renowned academic faculty. Students are exposed to theory alongside real world business examples and insights.

    • Double Major B.A. in Business Administration & Economics

    In the competitive marketplace, interdisciplinary knowledge provides graduates with significant advantage in a variety of professional and academic fields. A multi-dimensional understanding of the global economy and financial marketplace provides students with the quantitative and analytical skills requisite for success in both private and public sectors.

    • ​Double Major B.A. in Business Administration & Entrepreneurship.

    • Dual Degree - B.A. in Business Administration & B.A in Psychology (Hebrew only).

    • Dual Degree - B.A. in Business Administration & LL.B in Law (Hebrew only)

    The program prepares its graduates as they enter a dynamic and rapidly changing environment, characterized by emerging technologies and the globalization of market activity. Students in this program may choose to specialize in marketing and entrepreneurship, finance and entrepreneurship, real estate, or international business law. Upon completion of their 4 years of studies, students will receive two degrees: An LL.B in Law and a B.A. in Business Administration.

    • Accounting Program (Hebrew only)

    The Accounting Program, intended for top students, combines undergraduate studies in business administration with advanced accounting courses. The program has been specially constructed and focuses, among other things, on an in-depth study of the fields of accounting, auditing and taxation, together with advanced core courses in financing. As part of the interdisciplinary approach, students also take courses in business law, computers, and communications. This is aimed at giving program graduates an advantage in their professional integration in the job market, and their future leading positions in the business world. For this purpose, selection and admission into the program is also executed with great care, with the emphasis on the applicant's suitability for the program and its goals.