Research Sammy Ofer School of Communications

The staff members at the Sammy Ofer School of Communications are among the best researchers and experts in their field. Areas of study, are as well innovative and ground-breaking and placed the school at the front of academic research in the fields of media and new media.

Research Institutes and Labs

  • Technology and Mental Health Hub

    The hub researches the positive impact technology can have on mental health.

  • The Research Center for Internet Psychology (CIP)

    The research focuses on the impact of the Internet on the psychological wellbeing of the surfer

  • Advanced Reality Lab (ARL)

    The lab studies human-machine confluence.

  • Media Innovation Lab (miLAB)

    The Lab (miLAB) research and prototyping lab that explores the future of media, technology, and human-computer interaction.

  • שחקן כדורגל ופרשן

    The Sport, Media and Society (SMS) Research Lab

    A leading academic framework for those dealing with issues related to communication, sports and culture

  • Asper Institute for New Media Diplomacy

    The institute study and application of new media technologies for use in diplomacy

  • Daniel Pearl International Journalism Institute

    Elevates the quality of journalism in the Middle East

  • VR lab for Conflict Research (VR-CORE)

    The VR-CORE Lab uses VR to study human behavior and decision making in conflict situations and builds innovative interventions for conflict resolution