The Efi Arazi School of Computer Science has educated more than 4000 undergraduate and graduate students since its establishment. Among these graduates are successful C-level executives, managers, thought leaders, researchers and entrepreneurs with renowned exits. Connect is a program for promoting ongoing collaborations between academia and industry.

The main points of the CONNECT program and the benefits provided

  • Recruiting Candidates

    The Efi Arazi School of Computer Science will enable exclusive spotlight days for the company and guest lecturers by a representative of the company. In addition, the Career Center and the School of Computer Science’s Facebook page can advertise jobs for RU students and alumni.


  • Exposure

    The company’s logo will appear on the CONNECT website and on the program’s electronic boards. Companies can hold conferences, technological meetings and hackathons on campus in coordination with the relevant parties. Representatives of the company will be invited for guest lectures where they can introduce the company’s activities and vision. The company will be able to advertise information for students and alumni about scholarships, internships, hackathons.

  • Research

    The company will have access to the academic faculty and their research and will have the option to partner with one of the school’s researchers as a joint thesis advisor. The company’s representatives will be able to participate in the school’s conferences and weekly colloquium. Additionally, the company will have free access to the IDC Library.

  • Teaching

    The company will have the option of suggesting courses, workshops and research/hands-on projects. That is contingent on coordination with and approval of the program’s director and depending on the academic level of the content. The company’s employees can participate in courses of all fields taught on campus according to a list sent to the company each semester (limited to three courses and up to five employees, subject to availability).


  • Impact

    Option to participate in the School’s Advisory board.


​Membership in the program: