• 29/05/2023

    Storage - why is it so hard to save data?

    Yaniv Kaul, VP R&D Scylla

    we all use storage every day, all day log, without even noticing it. What's going on behind the scenes? What are the challenges with just reading and writing data, safely and fast? In this lecture I'll do a quick overview of how it works behind the scenes, what are the challenges and solutions to getting it right - not lose data and get it done fast - as fast as we can. Bio: Currently VP R&D of Scylla, makers of the open source ScyllaDB NoSQL database. In the past led multiple development teams at Red Hat, working on various open source projects in the areas of storage, virtualization, containers and more. Languish: Hebrew

  • 22/05/2023

    Advantages of the LAKEHOUSE approach using Azure ML and Azure Data&AI services including OpenAI

    Daniel Gluzman, Solution Sales Specialist - Data & AI, Microsoft

    The LAKEHOUSE approach, as per Microsoft Azure Data&AI, which combines the power of Azure Machine Learning (Azure ML) and Azure AI services suite (including the capabilities of Azure OpenAI), offers several advantages for data science and machine learning projects. One key benefit is the ability to easily access and manage large amounts of data stored in Azure data lakes, enabling more efficient data preparation and modeling. Additionally, the use of Azure AI services such as Azure Cognitive Search and Azure Cognitive Services can enhance the functionality of models, such as providing natural language processing capabilities. Additionally, the integration of OpenAI allows solution completeness with state-of-the-art models and techniques, such as GPT-3, further improving the capabilities of the LAKEHOUSE approach. Overall, the LAKEHOUSE approach enables more efficient and effective data science and machine learning projects through its integration of Azure ML and Azure AI services with OpenAI with incorporation of the legacy Data Warehouse (DWH) traditional needs of every organization, enterprises and service providers. The session will go thru the principles of the approach and show a practical implementation using the Microsoft Azure ecosystem. Bio: Daniel is Experienced in business-critical solutions, with a blended profile of technical and business expertise in multi-discipline software systems development, project management, system integration, solution architecture, product management, marketing, and presales. Daniel has multicultural background, and ability to adapt to diverse business and human situations make them a valuable asset. Specializing in presales and solution building for Large Enterprises and service providers, for digital and data transformations, running on Cloud and hybrid environments. In the last couple of years serving as Solution Sales Specialist for Azure Data&AI. More at @ https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniel-gluzman/ Languish: English

  • 15/05/2023

    From Idea to Venture

    Dr. Gali Einav, Adelson School of Entrepreneurship at Rechiman University

    Is a good idea sufficient for building a successful venture? What are the pitfalls that should be avoided? In this lecture we will introduce and discuss the venture creation journey. The discussion will be based on the guidelines of the "Lean StartUp" methodology, an agile venture development methodology originated at Stanford University. Bio: Dr. Gali Einav is Head of the International Undergraduate Program in Entrepreneurship and the "Upstart” Program at the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship at Rechiman University. She holds a PhD in Interactive Television from Columbia University. Gali has served as an Adjunct Professor of Digital Media at IDC Herzliya since 2008 and teaches digital media and entrepreneurship at the Katz School of Marketing at Yeshiva University in NYC. Gali’s research interests include the impact of digital transformation on media industries and consumer behavior, innovative education models and innovation and the future workforce. Gali is an Advisory Board member for Nielsen Innovate, an early-stage investment arm of Nielsen and for the Yeshiva University Innovation Lab. Previously she led the Digital Insights and Innovations Research group at NBC Universal, overseeing strategic, business and consumer research across digital platforms. She has co-authored and edited 4 books focused on innovation and digital transformation. Language: Hebrew

  • 08/05/2023

    Speeds the way - Via's data journey

    Noa Gradovitch is a data engineer at Via

    Have you ever wondered how VIA can estimate the duration of your bus ride? To answer this, we will take a closer look at the journey of our data, from thousands of data points to a single answer. We will examine the needs and solutions of our data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists to address this question. Bio: Noa Gradovitch is a data engineer at Via, where she excels in finding simple solutions for complex data-related questions and utilizing a variety of fun and innovative tools. With a PhD in Information Science, Noa brings a wealth of knowledge to her role. In addition to her work at Via, she shares her expertise as a lecturer at the Department of Information Science at Bar Ilan University. Language: Hebrew

  • 01/05/2023

    AI in approachable way

    Uri Eliabayev, AI consultant and founder of MDLI

    Abstract: AI is everywhere. We get it. Still, many people don't understand how to apply the enormous leap we made in AI to their own companies or organizations. To help people better understand what AI is, I have created a special lecture that gives you a full picture of this important topic. The lecture will introduce you to the basics of AI, all the latest technology in the field, and finally, examine real-world examples of brands using AI to enhance their business strategies. Bio: Uri is an AI consultant that is working with organizations and helps them choose and implement the best AI solution for their needs. Uri has also founded the largest AI community in Israel called "Machine and Deep Learning Israel". There are more than 30,000 members in this community who are some of the best AI talents in Israel. Alongside that, Uri is a worldwide lecturer that has been speaking about AI on stages all over the world. Language: English

  • 24/04/2023

    The Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Revolution

    Prof. Oren Zuckerman, Reichman University.

    Abstract: HCI has transformed the technology industry, from the early days of personal computers to current days of Social robots, IoT, and AI devices. In industry, UX (User Experience) is a leading aspect of every technological product, including web and mobile services, VR/AR experiences, and even biotechnology and fabrication. Successful products leverage a user-centered approach, they address a need and produce value to create a meaningful experience for the user. In other words, the point of interaction between the technology and the human is the place where a product fails or succeeds. The mission of the Media Innovation Lab (milab) of the school of Communication in RUNI is to explore this point of intersection, where technology, psychology. and design intersect to create new innovative experiences. This lecture will focus on the emerging HCI field as well as detail the possibilities for excellent students to join the lab in their 3rd year of studies Bio: Prof. Oren Zuckerman founded the Media Innovation lab and is heading the BA Interactive track and the Human –Computer interaction MA program in the school of Communication in RUNI. Zuckerman joined RUNI in 2007, immediately after completing his PhD at MIT Media Lab where his Masters and PhD were in the field of tangible interfaces for learning. Prior to MIT (1999-2001), Zuckerman was the co-founder of an Internet startup that created a "decentralized blogging community" on top of the Web. On 2001, the World Economic Forum recognized Zuckerman as a "Technology Pioneer" at the annual forum in Davos, Switzerland. Zuckerman is a program committee member of ACM's TEI 2010 and IDC 2010 conferences, and reviews regularly for the "Communications of the ACM" journal and the CHI conference. Language: Hebrew תודות,

  • 17/04/2023

    "Secrets from the Recruiting Room" – What you need to know when looking for a job.

    Panel host: Karin Kaufman, Director of the Career Center, Reichman University Panel participants: Einat Frish, Salesforce Reut Gonen, Samsung, R&D Center

    In the lecture we expose you to what's happening on the recruitment front. For example, what impresses them during the interview? Which mistakes can you avoid? In addition, you'll get many more tips on how to find the ultimate job in a challenging market. Language: Hebrew

  • 27/03/2023

    (Almost) Everything You wanted to know about architecture at Google

    Yaron Yaniv

    Yaron is a creative technology leader with 20+ years of experience in different tech domains. After graduating with a computer science degree in Israel, he started his career as a backend engineer in a small startup company in Israel, and has since held different tech roles (Engineering Manager, Product Manager, Chief Architect…) in various different domains (APM, Telco, FIntech..) which provided him the opportunity to be familiar with multiple aspects of software architecture. Yaron is based out of the Silicon Valley, California, and is currently leading Engineering and architecture teams at Google. Language: English

  • 16/01/2023

    VC 101

    Adi Gozes, Venture Partner at Entree Capital

    The current innovation wave is greater than ever before with 2021 being an extraordinary year, not only in terms of coping with a global pandemic, but also in terms of tech investing. In 2021 capital invested in Israeli startups increased by 150% (from $10.5B in 2020 to $25.6B). This talk will offer insights into what venture capital is, what VCs look for in startups, what the investment process entails, and a look into some of the recent changes in the VC landscape. Bio: Adi is an operator turned VC; prior to becoming an investor, she spent 15 years in R&D and product management and in the past few years she has transitioned to investing in startups, first as part of the Samsung Catalyst Fund and currently as a Venture Partner at Entrée Capital. Adi holds a BSc in Computer Science and an MBA. Language: English

  • 09/01/2023

    Cyber Trends

    Nir Zuk, Founder & CTO- Palo Alto Networks

    Nir Zuk brings a wealth of network security expertise and industry experience to Palo Alto Networks. Prior to co-founding Palo Alto Networks, Nir was CTO at NetScreen Technologies, which was acquired by Juniper Networks in 2004. Prior to NetScreen, Nir was co-founder and CTO at OneSecure, a pioneer in intrusion prevention and detection appliances. Nir was also a principal engineer at Check Point Software Technologies, and was one of the developers of stateful inspection technology. Language: English

  • 02/01/2023

    Developing software with quality in mind

    Oren Winter, SVP Engineering, Salesforce

    As consumers we all know how to distinguish between high-quality to low-quality products. But what about software and services? How important is quality here? How do we define and measure quality for software products and more importantly - as software engineers, how do we build such products or improve their quality? This talk will cover all of the above and will give some practical examples including how to leverage the power of data as part of this process. Bio: Oren Winter is a Senior Vice President of engineering in Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM vendor and one of the top software companies in the world. In his role, Oren oversees a large organization of software engineers working on cutting edge products and technologies in the areas of intelligence and analytics. Prior to Salesforce Oren spent close to 2 decades in Microsoft Corp. where he held senior engineering and general management roles. Language: Hebrew

הרצאות האורח בסדרת ההרצאות CS For Real ניתנות החל משנת 2015 ומועברות על ידי חוקרים מביה"ס וממוסדות שונים ועל ידי מרצים מחברות המובילות בתחומי הטכנולוגיה כגון : WIX, GOOGLE , MOBILEYE ועוד.

מטרתן הינה לקרב את הסטודנטים של תואר ראשון במדעי המחשב ל"עולם האמיתי" ולחשוף אותם בפני אנשים מעניינים, חברות, טכנולוגיות, מחקרים ואתגרים במדעי המחשב.

Since the year 2015 we offer guest lectures within CS For Real. The lectures are given by researchers from different schools and institutions and by lecturers from leading technology companies (e.g., Wix, Google, Mobileye etc.).

The purpose of those lectures is to bring undergraduate computer science students closer to "the real world". It exposes them to interesting people, companies, technologies, research and other challenges within computer science.