Graduate Degree in Computer Science

The M.Sc. program is designed to train its students to successfully meet future challenges in computer science research field as well as in the Hi-tech industry.

The program is aimed at people with an undergraduate degree in computer science or a close area, who wish to improve their professional and intellectual knowledge in computer science or seek academic / research career in computer science.

We offer a relevant and dynamic curriculum, based on a wide range of elective courses.
The curriculum is suitable both for full-time students who dedicate most of their time to study, and for part-time students who are working in addition to their studies. Most of the courses are offered in the afternoons and evenings, and on Fridays.

During their studies graduate students can chose between two study tracks:
A research track with thesis, which includes research work with one of the school’s faculty members, and submission of a research dissertation (thesis), and a non-thesis track which does not include thesis.


*Most of the courses in the program are taught in Hebrew


Program Highlights:


  • A flexible curriculum based on a wide variety of electives.
  • Reputable lecturers with academic experience from some of the leading research institutes worldwide.
  • A choice between research track with thesis and non-thesis academic track.
  • Thesis path students will join the school's various research projects, including algorithms and theoretical computer science, information security, cryptography, computer graphics, computer vision, image processing, decentralized systems, and digital media.
  • An opportunity to become teaching assistants.
  • The curriculum is suitable to the working students as its courses are offered mostly in the afternoons and evenings, or on Fridays.
  • The option to stretch the program across more than two years, to facilitate students' personal and professional time constrictions.
  • Weekly lectures by leading academic researchers and industry figures.
  • Academic excellence scholarships.
  • Each student enjoys personal attention.