M.Sc. Research Dissertations


Student ​Title ​Advisor ​Photo
​Ron Stajnrod Attacking TrustZone using hardware vulnerabilities Prof. Bremler Barr Anat  >>
Sharon Sultan Deep Learning and Sequence Determinants of Gene Co-Expression Prof. Zohar Yakhini --
​Or Peretz Music Technology Education and a Plugin-Based Platform as a Tool to Enhance Creativity, Multidisciplinarity, Creative Design, and Collaboration Skills Dr. Revital Hollander --
Tom Braude
Prof. Arik Shamir --
​Zehavit Leibovitch Eliminating unwanted patterns with minimal interferences ​Prof. Ilan Gronau >>
​Ronen Efraim Ben David Kubernetes Auto-Scaling: YoYo attack vulnerability and mitigation ​Prof. Anat Bremler-Barr ​--
​Yaron Kaner Bitcoin+: Cheap Support For Complex Spending Conditions in a UTXO Ledger ​Prof. Tal Moran ​--


Student ​Title ​Advisor ​Photo
​Berry Weinstein ​Selective sampling and Margin-Based Regularization in Deep Neural Networks ​Dr. Shai Fine and Prof. Ya- cov Hel-Or ​--
Erez Agami Combinatory Categorial Grammar for HebrewProf. Reut Tsarfaty (Bar-Ilan) Dr. Ilan Gronau >>
​Haim Levy IoT or NoT: Identifying IoT Devices in a ShortTime Scale ​Prof. ​Anat Bremler-Barr  
Guy Hefetz
​​Prof. Udi Boker >>
​Aviv Peled Discovering Discrete Hidden Variables in Mixed Networks: A Statistical Hypothesis-Testing Approach ​Dr. Shai Fine


Student ​Title ​Advisor ​Photo
Keren or Berkers Algorithmic Induction Physiological States: First Steps Dr. Doron Fridman >>
​Benjamin Tebeka Exact Distance Oracles for Planar Graphs with Failing Vertices ​Prof. Shay Mozes >>
Liran Orevi 
DNS:DNS DNS based DeNAT Scheme
Prof. Amir Herzberg from Univ. of Connecticut and
Bar Ilan University, Dr. Haim Zlatokrilov and Prof. Gadi Taubenfeld from the Efi Arazi School


Student ​Title ​Advisor ​Photo
​Shir  Goldstein Using Recurrent Neural Networks for P300-based BCI ​Prof. Yael Moses >>
Rotem Dvir  Mutual Exclusion Algorithms with Constant RMR Complexity and Wait-free Exit Code ​Prof. Gadi Taubenfeld
​Ron Visbord  A New Bayesian Method for Compating Demographic Models ​Dr. Ilan Gronau
​Tal Ori Using Recurrent Neural Networks for P300-Based BCI ​​Dr. Doron Friedman >>
​Gal Frishman  Cluster-Based Load Balancing for Better Computer Network Security ​Dr. Yaniv Ben-Itzhak from IBM Research Israel and Prof. Anat Bremler-Barr >>


Student ​Title ​Advisor ​Photo
​Asaf Nadler Tortoise and Hares Consensus: A Framework for Incentive- Compatible, Scalable Cryptocurrencies ​Dr. Tal Moran ​>>
​Yariv Shaulian Automaton-Based Criteria for Membership in CTL ​Dr. Udi Boker
​​Itay Laish ​Efficient Dynamic Approximate Distance Oracles for Vertex-Labeled Planar Graphs ​Dr. Shay Mozes ​>>
​Alon Jackson ​Trust is in the Keys of the Beholder: Extending SGX Autonomy and Anonymity ​Dr. Tal Moran (IDC) and Prof. Eran Tromer of the Blavatnik School of Computer Science
​Idan Moyal

Load Balancing Memcached Traffic Using SDN ​Prof. Anat Bremler Berr
​Pogrebezky Ilia

From Textual Descriptions to Executable Code ​Prof. Shimon Schocken ​>>
​Ezra Elishai ​Computer-Aided Spatially Optimized Design of Layer-Assembled Micro-Scale Mechanical Resistance Networks for 3D printing ​Prof. Ariel Shamir >>



Student ​Title ​Advisor ​Photo
​Arbel Deutsch Peled Generically Increasing Bounded Independence ​Prof. Alon Rosen
​Shay Sheinfeld Video Summarization using Causality Graphs ​Prof. Ariel Shamir >>
​Amir Mor ​Joint Morpho-Syntactic Processing of Morphologically Rich Languages in a Transition-Based Framework ​Dr. Reut Tsarfaty >>
​Tomer Cagan Opinionated Natural Language Generation ​Dr. Reut Tsarfaty >>
Mor Sides (Cohen Gadol) DDoS and Cloud Auto-Scaling Mechanism ​Prof. Anat Bremler Berr
​Alon Atari Efficient Round-Trip Time Monitoring in OpenFlow Networks ​Prof. Anat Bremler Berr
Omer Kochba Accelerating Regular Expression Matching over Compressed HTTP Traffic" ​Prof. Anat Bremler Berr
​Ido Arev Automatic Editing of Footage from Multiple Social Cameras ​Prof. Ariel Shamir >>



​Student ​Title ​Advisor ​Photo
​Ariel Shmerling ​Evaluation Tool for Halftoning Algorithms ​Prof. Yacov Hel-Or and Dr. Carl Staelin  >>
​Oren Poleg Automatic trust based segregation for mobile devices ​Dr. David Movshovitz
​Mor Dar ​Temporal Epipolar Regions and Correspondence ​Prof. Yael Moses >>
​Roy Ofer Resource Allocation Games with Multiple Resource Classes ​Prof. Tami Tamir >>
​Eyal Skop Efficient Vertex-Label Distance Oracles For Planar Graphs ​Dr. Shay Mozes >>




​Student ​Title ​Advisor ​Photo
​Lucas Majerowicz Filling Your Shelves: Synthesizing Diverse Style-Preserving Artifact Arrangements ​Prof. Ariel Shamir >>
​Moti Cohen SAF: Static Analysis Improved Fuzzing ​Dr. David Movshovits >>
​Tsvi Cherny-Shahar Enhancing JavaScript Engine to Detect and Prevent XSS ​Dr. David Movshovits >>




​Student ​Title ​Advisor ​Photo
​Shuval Polacheck ​Online Classification of VoD and Live Video Streaming Applications ​Dr. Ronit Nossenson >>
​Lior Talker ​Book Spine Segmentation for Bookshelf Reorganization ​Prof. Yael Moses >>
​Tzach Yarimi PictureBoard: Interactive Image Arrangement using Context-based Similarity ​Prof. Ariel Shamir >>
​Itamar Berger Style and Abstraction in Portrait Sketching ​Prof. Ariel Shamir >>
​Roee Nevo Connectivity Based Routing and Initial Power Assignment in Wireless Sensor Networks ​Dr. Ronit Nossenson >>




​Students ​Title ​Advisor ​Photo
​Sofia Belikovetsky Load Rebalancing Games in Dynamic Systems ​Prof. Tami Tamir >>
​Oded Hanson Using Pair of Cameras for Low SNR Change Detection on Reflective Surfaces ​Dr. Yael Moses ​>>


* The Israeli Council for Higher Education approved IDC to award research M.Sc. on 2012.