"The school offers the highest level of economics studies in Israel, placing an emphasis on applied theories and research methods in economics, for economic policy management in the private and public sectors."

The current economic issues are studied in order to deepen the understanding of economic processes that lead the world in the 21st century. Faculty members include internationally renowned teachers and researchers from some of the leading universities worldwide.


What's Up at the Tiomkin School of Economics

Prof. Seth Harris delivered a lecture on the gig economy and the future of the US labor market

Tiomkin School of Economics

Prof. Dov Greenbaum & Dr. Guy Hochman discuss about the changes the Coronavirus will bring

The Jerusalem Post
Sapir Yakar
Revenue Operations Program Manager, Yotpo

"My studies gave me a fruitful ground for breakthrough thinking, by learning from the leading lecturers and by gaining practical and relevant skills for the everchanging economics world."

Yarden Gross
Founder and CEO, Orca-AI

"The institute excels in combing theory with practice. The school of Economics and Zell Program gave me tools which help me to this day - as an entrepreneur and a CEO, and have allowed me to grow faster in my career."