M.A Programs Tiomkin School of Economics

  • M.A. in Financial Economics:


The program trains students for diverse positions as senior economists and analysts in financial institutions and for financial management positions in business companies, investment houses, asset management companies, pension funds, public institutions, regulatory bodies and more.


The M.A in Financial Economics is a joint program of the Tiomkin School of Economics, The Arison school of business administration and the Raphael Recanati International school. The M.A certification is Issued by the Arison School of business administration, the program is unique to Israel and built on the backbone of similar programs from the worlds' top universities.

During the Graduate program students will aqquaint themselves with global financial markets and prepare for work in leading financial institutions. The duration of the program spreads over six tri-mesters (14 months) incorporating two main focus branches: a research (Thesis) based M.A and a non-research based M.A.


  • M.A. in Behavioral Economics:


The MA program in Behavioral Economics is a joint program of the Tiomkin School of Economics and Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology. The aim of the program is to provide students with theoretical and applied knowledge in psychology, economics, and public policy. The program relies on the strong historical link between these three disciplines; its goal is to train behavioral economists and give them practical tools and hands-on experience with state-of-the-art policies and interventions aimed at improving decision-making processes.


The program is taught in English, by leading classical and behavioral economists. Our faculty members are doing cutting-edge and innovative research in behavioral economics, alongside their work in the field. The cooperation between the School of Economics and the School of Psychology creates a unique interdisciplinary program. We invite you to join us on a fascinating and enriching experience.