During the third year of study, all students take part in a policy writing workshop. In the first semester, students hear lectures on various policy topics from policy makers and key figures in the Israeli economy and formulate a policy paper proposal that they work on during the second semester under the guidance of a faculty member.

2018 Policy Papers Writing Workshop

  • How has Division 5 (Parental Leave and Related Entitlements)

    of the Fair Work Act (2009) Affected Fertility Rates in Australia?

  • אסיר אמריקאי

    Should the US Government be outsourcing prison services to private companies?

  • How has Affirmative Action, following the Supreme

    Court case Regents of the University of California vs. Bakke, affected the enrollment of blacks in college?

  • The effect of air pollution on labor productivity

  • Does Immigration Affect Native Wages?

    Shir Cohen and Zach Blank

  • What policies should Russia implement to mitigate the growing HIV epidemic?

    Alexander Kromkin and Maya Lewis

  • Is vertical farming an effective solution to food sustainanility in Israel

    Josh katzeff and Gideon Amoils