ASE Hub workshop | Significant New Growth: How to become a Business Development leader?


Anna Leizerovici Ekstein // 2 Cents sum-up from Tamar Yehudar


“Conquer each client at a time.

Think big, be consistent, be patient,

Be memorable and good to people.

The rest will just knock on your door”

- Anna Leizerovici Ekstein


Anna is a global Business Development expert with a proven track record of assisting companies exceed their revenues, go to market strategies and global business growth objectives with over 10 years of experience in the Israeli high-tech ecosystem, working with start-ups, large global corporations and leading VC's . She has expertise in global Business Development strategy and Sales, long-term partnerships and C-Suite level relationships across Israel's ecosystem among all sectors.


She also invests a lot of her time in volunteering in various organizations most of which are helping women achieve their goals!


Most influential thing I learned from Anna during her Workshop is her mindset and approach to business development and to professional life in general. During the whole workshop, Anna tried to teach us that we can reach anyone, anywhere. We can do anything. We should ask for help from mentors/professionals/advisors/ leaders and that we should reach out to people and don’t be shy about it.


This was really the sub-context during a one-of kind practical workshop about what it is to be a Business Development Executive.


So If you missed out let me TL:DR it for you -

  • What does a Business Development Executive even mean? I won't ruin it for you (come to the next workshop!!!)
  • A flow to help you grow:
  • Define your goal - it should look like “Increase sales from 2M ARR to 5M ARR” and not “reach-out to 50 companies a week”
  • Choose a strategy to achieve you goal - can be done through partnerships/ Collaborations
  • Research - which companies and people you should reach-out to
  • Approach them - through Introductions, Linkedin, Cold-Email
  • Follow-up - At least 5 times, Send a newsletter, invite to a webinar.
  • Close the deal + Show the world - celebrate it on Social Media, Newsletter, Your Boss/ Company.
  • Self-Brand yourself - as important as your skills and experience.

As a starting out Biz Dev myself, I ended up with so many new ideas to share with my team at work @Fiverr and felt like I found someone that I could advise with and ask a lot of questions even after the workshop ended.


A quick tip from me to you - I sent a Linkedin invite the morning BEFORE the workshop, saying that I’m excited to come and learn from her. Biz dev to Biz Dev - I couldn’t come “Empty Handed”! That created an opportunity for me to be remembered=)))


Thank you Anna and the ASE team!