Design Thinking Workshop at Appsflyer


June 30th, 2021


Our first-year undergraduate entrepreneurship students from the international track participated in an amazing Design Thinking workshop focused on the Future workspace at the AppsFlyer offices.

The challenge: maintaining work life balance and social connectivity in a future hybrid workplace. Students, most of whom never worked in a traditional office, offered a new, creative and important perspective. The students loved the experience and realized the value of the methodology for both problem solving and venture creation.


Words by Libi Soen:


"I had the honor of participating in a Design Thinking Workshop hosted by AppsFlyer in collaboration with Discovers and IDC Herzeliya.

During this workshop, we were taught many important problem-solving tools.


The workshop included creating a persona and analyzing her day-to-day life, as well as her thoughts, wants, and actions. We then extracted “pain points” regarding connectivity in a hybrid workplace, and brainstormed solutions to these problems. After that, we were grouped into smaller teams, which allowed me to get to know my fellow students better. Each team then developed a venture to expand on one of the solutions. We then had about 20 minutes to establish the venture and the presentation. To end the workshop, each team presented their ventures. I learned a lot from this process and had an amazing time developing my enterprise- Taskpool: an application that assists co-workers in sharing personal tasks.


During the Design Thinking workshop, we were asked to come up with solutions regarding “Social connectivity in a hybrid workspace”. After analyzing an employee persona, we realized two of the main problems with hybrid workspaces are loneliness and lack of social connectivity in the workplace, as well as difficulty to stay on top of both home and work tasks due to having them being mixed together. This is how we came up with Taskpool. Taskpool allows co-workers to exchange personal tasks between them in order to save time and unnecessary hassle. An example of this would be one coworker grocery shopping for two, while the other drives both of their kids home from school. The business model we discussed is B2B, as our main revenue plan would be to sell the application to companies, as a way to build connectivity in the workplace, as well as removing unnecessary stress from their employees. Our team consists of Libi Soen (CEO), Founder of Lifit - a machine learning based fitness application, Talia Kreiff (CMO), a social media manager who studies business and Entrepreneurship in the IDC, Herzliya, and Alina Gorlitsky (CTO), A Computer Science and Entrepreneurship student in the IDC Herzliya.


I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to thank Sharon Zahavi, and Gali Einav, who accompanied us throughout this experience and worked hard to make this happen, as well as Appsflyer (Lisa Zaythik, CPO, Liron Or), Discovers, IDC Herzeliya, my fellow students, and anyone else that took part in this brilliant workshop."


Words by Sergio Wilder Vaie:


"In this workshop, I had the opportunity to learn more about design thinking and use tools and knowledge to solve a problem that many employees at big corporations have, which is knowing how to balance work life and personal life. My group and I had 4 hours to come up with a solution and present it, making us work under pressure, be creative, and most importantly having to go through what many employees undergo daily to understand how we could develop a solution for this problem. it was a great experience".