Our Venture Creation Program with Sompo


February 2021

Our journey with Sompo started when our Vice-Dean, Dr. Yossi Maaravi, shared with us one of the greatest opportunities that the school has to offer – ASE and Sompo Venture Creation Program.


Right after the information session, we knew that this program was made for us! The day after, we had our first team meeting. We started to prepare for the interview in the way we have learned from our past few years at the Adelson school. It is unique to have the option to create a venture from scratch during the BSC program. Our team consists of three second year Computer Science and Entrepreneurship students, Jade Derhy, Amit Sharir and Yuval Bauberg.

Each one of us has a different professional background and yet, we all share the same values. Two weeks later, we had our big meeting with Sompo's team. We introduced ourselves, shared with them our vision, our ideas, and expectations for the program. The main reason we have chosen to study at IDC's Entrepreneurship school is for those opportunities and the great support we have from our Mentors. It is a great honor to work and learn from executives and professionals from the industry. We are very thankful for this opportunity and are looking forward to do great things together!


Amit Sharir, Yuval Bauberg, Jade Derhy