My name is Ohad Dan. I'm 25 years old from Tel Aviv. I am studying Business Administration and Entrepreneurship at Reichman University and recently finished my first year.
During the 4 last weeks I lived at Berlin and working for Robbi - an early-stage startup that develops robotic intelligence for preventing wildfires using drones. They provide insights by identifying and understanding the risks of wildfires forming on surfaces and in forests. Drones and AI technology are the main products.

My experience working abroad was very good. I felt welcome and comfortable, and I enjoyed spending time with the team. I would describe the environment at Robbi as supportive and motivated.
Business development and Growth Hacking was my internship role. I used a resource-light, cost-effective digital marketing tactics to help grow and retain an active user base, sell products, and gain exposure. I was researching other companies' prices, researching their competitors, and analyzing them. In addition, I built a website and create a content like blogs into it and contacting potential customers.

My goal was to improve my marketing knowledge and my teamwork experience, which I believe I have accomplished.
I had a mixed experience, it wasn't easy in all ways, but it was also fun and mature. I moved three times during my four weeks here. I lived in a shared apartment in my first apartment, which was an interesting experience, then lived in a hotel for about four days because I couldn't find a sublet, then moved into a sublet apartment by myself in my last apartment, which I highly recommend. There are groups on Facebook where you can find sublets at very affordable prices, which is very helpful since hotels here are very expensive.

Asif and Tom, who worked with me in the company, are two very good friends I met while working together.
The Jewish Museum and the memorial to European Jews who were killed in the Holocaust were some of the interesting experiences I had here. We can change the atmosphere a bit and say Berlin is a city with a rich culture, lots of museums and galleries, great food, and nice people. Transportation is very convenient here, and getting from one point to another is very easy since everything is done by train.

Every person should experience the international co-op. There is no greater feeling than seeing your work take shape and become reality after two months of hard work.