​Orientation Week Challenge


Roni Levy, Lotan Rosin, Libi Soen & Lior Kahn


Orientation week at IDC gives us, first-year students just starting our Entrepreneurial journey, a glimpse of what our 3-year degree will entail. This week serves as an opportunity to familiarize ourselves with our courses, faculty and fellow students in the program. To conclude Orientation Week, students in the Entrepreneurship Degree Program were presented with a challenge. As it is known, this academic year is very different from previous years, due to the global pandemic. We find ourselves amidst a “Zoomester” which brings about many new obstacles, in addition to the typical hardships we face as first-year students. Thus, in an attempt to overcome these obstacles, students were tasked with developing a venture that would enhance our “Zoomester”.

One of the major problems we face on zoom, is the teacher’s inability to fully “read the room” and grasp the student’s levels of concentration and understanding of the material covered. Through Zoom, teacher-student connection and communication are undeniably restricted. This was the main issue we wanted to tackle when coming up with our venture. With this problem in mind, we came up with a simple feature that allows teachers to better perceive the virtual classroom’s dynamic.


‘RoomCheck’ is a zoom add-on that allows teachers to receive real-time data regarding the classes’ levels of understanding and focus throughout the lecture. This feature serves as a simple tool that enables teachers to send a 2-question poll to the virtual classroom. These polls are then answered in real time by the students, and the data is sent back to the teacher, providing them with immediate feedback regarding the class’s situation. RoomCheck presents statistical and practical information, regardless of class size, and bridges the gap between teachers and students in the Zoom environment.

As a team we were eager and excited to suggest an idea that could potentially improve our learning experience in these unconventional times. This challenge gave us a taste of what to expect in our Entrepreneurial journeys and served as a practical exercise to cap off our Orientation Week at Reichman University.