Company Visit at Shield


By: Gavriel Kabb


The first company visit was a great success!
Situated right in the heart of Ramat Gan, lies a young and vibrant company that’s revolutionizing the way the world stays compliant.


Today we have multiple communication platforms which pose a threat to the security of certain industries. For example
Financial Institutions have many rules and regulations with regard to employee interactions (Insider trading, sexual harassment, etc.…).
So the important question was how can we monitor millions of messages sent across multiple platforms effectively.


The short answer is Shield!


In 2018 Shiran Weitzman (Reichman University alumni) current CEO and co-founder created Shield.
His idea incorporated AI to monitor employees' interactions across multiple platforms, in an attempt to detect market abuse.
Shield essentially finds the needle in the haystack.
Shield provides Ai monitoring to Industry monitoring regulators as well as some of the biggest financial institutions in the world.


Shiran Weitzman educated us about Shield and spoke about his journey as an entrepreneur.
Shiran was an entrepreneur before it became the popular trend it is now. He shed blood, sweat, and tears creating his company out of nothing.
He warns entrepreneur enthusiasts of the hardships one must undergo in order to succeed.
Shiran is speaking from experience as he learned some tough lessons when his previous company failed.

Iftach Dori (marketing director) also made some great points.
He said most people want to be the number 1., the boss the CEO. What’s wrong with being the best number 2 or 3?
Not everyone is suited to create a startup.
And that’s just reality.


If I took only one thing away from the visit it would be that passion and belief are critical for success.
when the odds are so stacked against you, one has to be convinced of their idea.
When Shiran put everything on the line he was convinced that he had a solution to the compliance issue.
And yes, he was right!


To see how incredibly advanced the world is becoming and understanding where we are going was an eye-opener for me. People like Shiran who have the “vision”, the “know-how”, the passion, and dedication are extremely rare. I will forever remember the qualities and values it takes to make it and hopefully try to emulate them in my life.


I want to thank Shiran and the shield team for inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs and for making their company visit a meaningful and impactful experience.