ASE Hub is an extra-academic framework that offers to the entrepreneurship students various content such as practical workshops, inspirational and enrichment lectures, alongside mentoring sessions by top mentors from the academy and industry. The participating students gain experiential learning of professional tools, applied knowledge, guidance, and empowerment of their ventures and ideas and in their professional development.

Lectures and workshops at ASE Hub

Unlike mass webinars, the emphasis in the ASE Hub is on personal experience, feedback, and involvement of the participants in the workshops.

Therefore, the number of students who can register for each meeting is relatively small, and is limited in advance to 40 students and sometimes even less. This number of participants allows a personal, in-depth, and practical dialogue.

The top experts for the student: Mentoring Sessions at ASE Hub

We know that our students have great ideas, and sometimes they need to overcome difficulties or find experts for helping in decision making with dilemmas along the way. That's why we invited the ASE Hub mentoring activity a variety of experts, professionals, experienced entrepreneurs, researchers, and lecturers.

Teams or individual entrepreneurs who need advice and guidance in their venture or professional life, can (in Pre-registration) meet with the mentor for 30 minutes and discuss relevant issues and dilemmas.

To allow effective meetings, the team will have to submit before the meeting One-pager or Presentation Deck, and if necessary specific questions that arise before the meeting. Students who need counseling that does not relate to a venture will be able to submit only relevant questions before the session.

The registration for the mentoring sessions will be published for the entrepreneurship students and special programs in their track channels only.

*All ASE Hub activities designated for students of the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship and the Special Programs Zell and Upstart.


For further questions, please contact one of the ASE Hub team members:


Ofir Richman, Head of IDC Hub & International Programs ASE IDC
Adi Scheiman, Project and Administration Coordinator ASE IDC