The staff members at Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy at Reichman University are leading researchers and experts in their fields. The research areas themselves are innovative and groundbreaking, and they place the school at the forefront of academic research in the fields of terrorism and security, government and public policy, decision-making, e-government, political marketing, public diplomacy and more.

Research Institutes and Labs

  • American Public Opinion toward Israel, APOI

    APOI lab studying the relationship between the U.S. and the State of Israel with a specific focus on American public opinion and elite rhetoric and action.

  • Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT)

    ICT is an academic research institute worldwide recognized. Established to develop innovative public-policy solutions to regional and international terrorism.

  • The Institute for Policy and Strategy (IPS)

    The Institute for Policy and Strategy was founded in order to contribute to Israel’s national policy and to the upgrading of its strategic decision-making process.

  • The Abba Eban Institute

    for International Diplomacy

  • POP-DM Program

    An internationally-renowned research, teaching and training program. It houses the Behavioral Political Science (BPS) lab, the Applied Decision Analysis (ADA)

  • Center for Shared Israeliness

  • Computerized Decision Making Lab

  • Program on Democratic Resilience & Development

    The program is an interdisciplinary research, educational, and policy platform dedicated to the understanding of free and responsible societies.

  • The International Working Group on Subterranean Warfare

    The first international initiative bringing together experts to better understand subterranean threats.

Recent Faculty Publications