Internship Programs


Internship opportunities for third-year undergraduates and MA students studying in the international program of the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy are available at a variety of government offices, non-governmental organizations, and Lauder School research institutes and programs.

The internships approved by the School are for academic credit (2 credits) and provide students with the opportunity to obtain invaluable practical experience in the public and third sectors. We encourage students to take advantage of the diverse internship options, which in many cases open for them career doors.

Although the internships for credit are geared towards third-year undergraduates and MA students, second-year undergraduate students may apply for the Internship Program and will be placed depending on compatibility and availability of internships.

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BA Internship Program
MA Internship Program


To apply for an internship with one of the following Lauder School institutes or research programs, please contact the relevant e-mail listed in the below table directly. Once accepted by the institute, it is the student's responsibility to inform the relevant internship coordinator listed here in order to register the internship:

Mr. Ori Barzel - (BA; MA, Diplomacy & Conflict studies + Thesis Track)

Dr. Michal Shavit - (MA, Counter-Terrorism & Homeland Security)



​Contact person Internships
​Nava Getahun ​Institute For Counter-Terrorism (ICT)
Hila Ziv ​Institute for Policy and Strategy (IPS)
- Herzliya Conference
- The Simulation Unit
- The Program in Political Psychology and Decision Making (POPDM)
- MICS seminar
Dr. Amnon Cavari ​American Public Opinion toward Israel (APOI)
Oded Raanan The Abba Eban Institute for International Diplomacy

Dr. Dima Adamsky

​Comparative National Security Project 



As per FAFSA rules and regulations, students borrowing FAFSA loans cannot do an internship in a non-approved FAFSA institution during the same academic year.
Only students who do their internship in a FAFSA approved institution might get credits towards their internship as part of their academic curriculum. If you are a FAFSA student and wish to take part in the BA or MA internship program, please contact Joanna Simon-Bigart immediately.