The Dafna and Gerry Cramer Student Exchange Program to Syracuse University, NY

Reichman University and Maxwell School of Citizenship at Syracuse University NY

Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University has developed a joint study and research program in America's political history, culture, conflicts, institutions, and practices. The academic cooperation between the schools includes a student exchange programs in which about 14 students from Reichman University travel to Syracuse during the break for a mini-semester, between August 28th - September 14th, 2023.


Academic Recognition
• For 2nd year Government students (relevant also for RRIS): 2 credits for an elective course in government.
• For 3rd year Law and Government students (combined Degree only): 2 credits for an elective course in government (depending on the "Hativot")
• For 2nd year Sustainability and Government students: 2 credits for an elective course in government.


A 10-page paper to be submitted to the Maxwell School according to topics to be given upon arrival in Syracuse.


• In order to apply, you must fill in the Application form precisely.
• The forms must be submitted to the following e-mail address -
• Last day for applying- March 24th, 2023, no forms will be accepted after this date.

Criteria for submitting candidacy for the program-
A. GPA: 80 and above.
B. No academic duties from the first year of studies.
C. For Hebrew speakers track- a high English level– A (Ptor)
Please note the name of your English teacher on your registration form.
D. The registration form references registration to the Argov Program and other honor programs; You may register for the programs, but you may participate only in one of them.
E. Only suitable candidates will be invited for personal interviews, The candidacy of those accepted to the Argov Program will automatically be voided unless otherwise notified.
F. At the end of this process, up to 14 students will participate.


• Flight tickets and student visa (J1) on the student accounts.
• Per Diem - Students will receive a day pass for the days of the program, $35 per day in Syracuse and DC, $40 in Manhattan. This will begin upon arrival at Syracuse, students will be financially self-sufficient until they arrive at Syracuse.
• Lodging and transportation will be handled by the Lauder School of Diplomacy and Government Strategy, for the duration of the program.


Good Luck!

Revital Katz
The Cramer Program Coordinator
Lauder School of Government Diplomacy and Strategy