Google and Reichman University have joined together, out of a shared vision and national responsibility, to establish the leading and advanced school in Israel for the high-tech professions.

The Google and Reichman Tech School offers the highest level of training for every suitable person with potential seeking to contribute to the biggest engine of growth in the high-tech industry. The school has set itself the goal of integrating high-quality and diverse human capital into high-tech to bolster the Israeli industry and economy.

Admission to the Tech School is based on skills and abilities. The school includes a portfolio of technological and business courses to prepare students for professions that are in high demand in the Israeli high-tech market: software development, software testing, business development, sales, data analysis, and more.

Our programs have been designed in accordance with the needs and requirements of the industry

Technological training

Business training

Preparatory courses in math and English

Career workshops

What is required to be accepted?

  • Admission to the various programs is based on applicants’ skills, qualifications and abilities – tuition fees will not be a barrier or a consideration in the admissions process.
  • The courses will comprise core academic studies, combined with the most up-to-date professional training in the industry.
  • The courses are under academic supervision and will offer academic credits that will count towards an academic degree. Support to ensure high-quality placements and integration into the workforce will also be provided.

Who is the school for?

  • Individuals who are highly motivated and have a desire to integrate into the high-tech industry.
  • People with talent and an affinity to the world of technology.
  • Incentive scholarships are available for those who qualify and for underrepresented populations, subject to certain criteria and an eligibility check.