The M.A. in Law, Technology and Business Innovation provides foundational knowledge relating to the intersection of law, science and technology, offering a different and unique learning experience for both law and non-law graduates.

The new MA program is designed to offer an advanced degree dealing with the intersection between law, science, technology and business for both law and non-law graduates. The program will provide students with valuable academic experiences that delivers varied business and academic exposures to the increasingly timely challenges where law and technology overlap.


The MA program is multidisciplinary in nature. The program does not focus on one area of technology, such as internet-related technologies, or one area of law, such as intellectual property. Rather, the program aims to afford students a broad basis via broad mandatory courses that are specifically designed to create meeting points between graduates of difference disciplines.


In the courses offered, students will be exposed to exciting cutting edge areas such as law and genetics, open source licensing and commercialization of intellectual property, artificial intelligence, privacy law, ethics in research, entrepreneurship and more.


The MA Program is supported by an International Advisory Committee, which includes leading law and technology leaders, as well as industry leaders from the Universities of Yale, Stanford, Berkeley, Hastings, DePaul & Cambridge as well as Deloitte Israel.


If accepted to the thesis track, students will also have the opportunity to complete a research dissertation over the academic year on an approved and related academic theme.


The program will be offered primarily in Hebrew. Several courses will be taught in English.