Undergraduate Programs Harry Radzyner Law School

Our interdisciplinary study programs are designed to enable the optimal development of analytical skills and legal reasoning.

We Offer the Following Programs: (Hebrew only)



  • LL.B in Law and B.A in Business Administration


The program prepares its graduates as they enter a dynamic and rapidly changing environment, characterized by emerging technologies and the globalization of market activity. Students in this program may choose to specialize in marketing and entrepreneurship, finance and entrepreneurship, real estate, or international business law. Upon completion of their studies, students will receive two degrees: An LL.B in Law and a B.A. in Business Administration.


  • LL.B. in Law and a B.A. in Psychology


Offering the first such program in Israel, students accepted to the law and psychology program will receive a unique education combining the essential tools of both disciplines, enabling them to continue to advanced degrees in both fields. Students enrolled in this program will study particular courses highlighting the role psychology plays in legal decision making and the creation and internalization of social norms, among others.


  • LL.B in Law and B.A in Government


This program provides a broad education in law and government. It familiarizes the student with Israel’s systems of governance, and facilitates a comparative perspective. Students learn about the central issues shaping the international agenda; gain an understanding of the diplomatic arena; acquire analytical skills in public policy and administration. All those provide graduates not only with legal knowledge, but with an interdisciplinary perspective which enhances the lawyer’s outlook in both the private and public sectors. Students enrolled in this program will select among the following specialties: diplomacy and strategy, governance and leadership, security and terrorism, the Middle East, international conflict resolution, and law and security.


  • LL.B. in Law with a direct route to M.A. in Government


Students enrolled in this program will undertake a specialty in public law and human rights, during which they will study designated courses in international humanitarian law, a practicum in public law, legal writing, security, terrorism, and choose among two tracks: diplomacy and conflict resolution and cyberterrorism ( students can choose other specialties in MA : Public Policy & Administration or political marketing subject to completion supplementary courses at the beginning of the second degree). They will examine issues from all relevant policy fields, including, but not limited to, law, political science, public policy, and international relations. Students will also benefit from an individual mentoring program at the Lauder School of Government, in fields such as public policy, Israeli government institutions, homeland security, counter-terrorism, and more. The studies in the M.A. program will be conducted in English. Acceptance is conditioned on high entrance scores and an interview.


  • LL.B in Law with a direct route to a Master's program (MBA) in Business Administration


Students enrolled in this program will specialize in commercialize law, and will undertake designated courses such as regulation and financial derivatives, advanced corporate law, and an international negotiation workshop, among others. The MBA will be taught in English during ​5 mini semesters and will focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. The MBA will include practical experience programs, including the possibility to participate in external accelerators or business projects led by leading professors and members of industry. Acceptance is conditioned on high entrance scores and an interview.


  • LL.B in Law with a direct route to a master's Degree (MA) in Law, Technology, and Business Innovation

    A unique program for excellent law students (LL.B) with direct continuation to master's degree studies in law, technology and business innovation (MA).
    Students enrolled in this program will study courses in law and technology such as intellectual property, commercialization of knowledge, technological and legal regulation in the cyber arena, genetics and law, business entrepreneurship and regulation of advanced technologies. The master's degree will enable students to be exposed to and deal with the environment of challenges brought about by technological legal development.
    Admission to the program is conditional on high admission data and a personal admission interview. Eligible students who enroll in the program will be invited for an interview.

  • Honors Program


The Harry Radzyner Law School Honors Program, being the first of its kind in Israel, offers a limited group of outstanding students a unique study track that integrates theory with practice and intellectual commitment with social involvement, thus encouraging excellence and broadening candidates’ horizons in all areas of legal study and practice.

The Program is open to students of all study tracks in both their first and second years of study, thus creating a dynamic, diverse group of students that is able to draw on their various areas of study and contribute to a vibrant discourse. Acceptance is conditioned either on high entrance scores or outstanding grades after the first year, and an interview.


  • The program includes advanced courses such as:


  1. Writing workshop
  2. Legal theory seminar
  3. Legal profession seminar, which hosts leading practitioners, in various fields of law
  4. Unique research seminars
  5. Courses given by visiting professors from top international law schools
  6. Individual mentoring by IDC professors, and more.



*The curriculum is subject to changes