“The Dina Recanati School of Medicine will be a world leader in the study of medicine, offering the most advanced learning environment. The establishment of Reichman University’s medical school was born out of a national need and the desire to create a curriculum adapted to technological developments and innovations.”

The increasing shortage of doctors is placing the field of medicine in Israel in real danger and demands a quick response. To help provide a solution to this shortage and immediately increase the number of medical students in Israel, Reichman University joined forces with Israel’s top medical institutions: Rabin Medical Center, Clalit Health Services, Maccabi Healthcare Services, and Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer.

The school will serve as a global model for educating future physicians in a manner that is professional, innovative, multidisciplinary and personal.


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The current situation in Israel

  • A critical shortage of physicians

    There is a major shortage of doctors in Israel today, especially in the periphery, which will reach a nadir in 2026. Currently, about 2,000 doctors are needed per year (according to data from the State Comptroller, the Gamzu Committee, and the Ministry of Health). In practice, only about 40% of this number are licensed as doctors each year, which has created a serious dearth of physicians in the healthcare system, most keenly felt in the Israeli periphery.

  • Most doctors are forced to study abroad

    The number of available places in medical programs in Israeli universities is still very limited. Thus, a situation has arisen in which 80% of today’s medical students come from the top three deciles of the Israeli population (The Marker, February 24, 2022). The rest, about 60% of the doctors in Israel, received their training abroad. Alongside the excellent medical schools operating around the world, there are also those with very low standards, offering their students only minimal clinical training.

What will the Dina Recanati school of medicine offer?

New methods in medical education

Training via simulations, virtual reality, and 3D printing.

Special attention to digital medicine

Based on technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data.

Excellence in interdisciplinary research

In which Reichman University is a leader in a variety of fields.

Practical training in clinical fields

At Israel’s top medical institutions in Israel (Rabin Medical Center, Maccabi and Clalit Healthcare Services and Sheba Medical Center).

Sharing knowledge with the ecosystem

We will share our knowledge with all of our colleagues and friends in the Israeli medical community.