General Information

With the ultimate goal of developing the future leadership of the State of Israel, Reichman University has undertaken to establish the Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology, which was launched in the 2007-2008 academic year. This school was founded in a spirit of innovation and excellence in order to create and disseminate theoretical, empirical, and professional knowledge in Psychology. The academic program reflects the central role psychology plays both in society and in the individual's well being as well as the potential it has to create a healthier, more developed and more creative world.


The Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology will infuse Israeli higher education and public life with needed renewal. Its academic programs allow students to expand and deepen their knowledge and to help them acquire meaningful professional experience in the different subfields of psychology. The programs also provide students with the needed skills to improve the growth, functioning, welfare and happiness of individuals across the life span, (from infancy to aging) and to promote a more secure, prosperous, harmonious and peaceful world.




The Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology also includes a large complex of laboratories devoted to the study of human mind, brain, behavior, and social processes, with the ultimate goal of increasing Israeli society resilience and improving its human capital. In these laboratories, faculty and students conduct studies in the different subfields of psychology (e.g. social psychology, positive psychology, developmental psychology, educational psychology, rehabilitation psychology, organizational psychology, health psychology). These studies and their implementation into practical programs will turn the new school into the most influential school of Psychology in Israel, one of the most prestigious schools around the world, and a vital resource for the advancement of humanity and peace in the 21st century.


The Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology coordinates its curriculum with sister  Reichman University schools, such as Arison School of Business, Sammy Ofer School of Communication, and Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy, and Strategy; nurturing innovative interdisciplinary studies, (e.g. Political Psychology, Media Psychology, Managerial Psychology, Negotiation and Conflict Resolution) and preparing students to meet the complexities of the rich field of social sciences.


The development of each student is paramount at Reichman University. We want each and every one to develop and grow, both personally and professionally. To achieve this goal, members of the program will advise and guide the students on a regular basis. We believe it's our responsibility to give them the tools and the right opportunities to achieve self-fulfillment in their chosen fields.