Research Activities in Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology

The staff members at the Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology at Reichman University are active researchers with an international reputation. They are required to devote their time to work , study and mentoring students while conducting diffrent research projects on various topics in unique labs.

Baruch Ivcher School labs and research institutes

  • CANlab

    The The Communication, Aging and Neuropsychology Lab (CANlab) aims to find new ways to improve the quality of life of older adults by targeting communication.

  • The Baruch Ivcher Institute for Brain, Cognition & Technology

  • SEL.IL Promoting Social-Emotional Learning in Israel

  • The Baruch Ivcher Institute For Brain, Cognition & Technology

  • LGBTQ+ Psychology Lab

    Leads diverse research which focuses on coping and adaptation processes of LGBTQ+ individuals

  • Center for Developmental Social Neuroscience

    The center houses The Loralee West Laboratory for Brain Research and Human Development, directed by Simms- Mann Chair incumbent, Prof. Ruth Feldman.

  • Sagol Center for Brain and Mind

    The Unit is a research group that aims to apply recent advances in neuroscience to the solution of practical challenges in a broad range of fields.

  • The Social Cognition & Psychophysiology Lab

    The Laboratory studies relations to better understand the emotions, cognitions and behaviors that underlie conflict between individuals and between groups.

  • The ROCD Unit

    The Relationship Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Research Unit specializes in the research and treatment of obsessive-compulsive symptoms and cognitions relating to intimate relationships.

  • Center for Mindfulness and Neuroscience

    A center dedicated to increasing healthy and positive qualities of mind and promoting the well-being of both individuals and society.

  • Maytiv Center for Positive Psychology

    The Center promotes evidence-based community interventions and develops programs for the practice of positive psychology.

  • Psychology of Decision Making Research Center

    The Center develops psychological decision models and increase the availability of decision-research insights to academics, practitioners and organizations.

  • Power and Intergroup Relations Lab

    The research conducted in the lab advances psychological understandings of issues related to discrimination and inequality between groups.

  • The Sexuality and Close Relationship lab

    The lab conducts research that focuses on the contribution of the sexual system to relationship development, maintenance, and deterioration.

  • The Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory

  • Ziama Arkin Infancy Institute

    The institute focuses on the ways in which the early caregiving environment shapes infant development during the first year of life, to lay the foundation for long-lasting social and emotional capacities.

  • Technology and Mental Health Hub

    The hub researches the positive impact technology can have on mental health.