"Brain and Mind" Program

This 2-year program is oriented toward students interested in neuroscience or neuropsychology/rehabilitation psychology/medical psychology research. The focus of the program is on your learning laboratory skills for neuroscience or neuropsychology research (EEG, eye-tracking, physiological markers, MRI, animal behavior, neuropsychological testing, psycho-pharmacology, programming and analysis in Matlab, E-prime, etc.).

Program Structure

First year of the program: an apprenticeship in laboratory skills (2 credits, Brain & Mind Guided Research) - one day per week.


Second year of the program: Two days per week:


  • Laboratory Research (4 credits) - instead of Field Experience.
  • Personal Research Thesis (4 credits) – Brain & Mind Research Seminar.


Admission to the program is after Year I (after Year 2 for Psychology double major programs).

Acceptance to the program is dependent on your application form and a personal interview.

Academic standing requirements are grades of 90 minimum in each of the following courses:


  • Psychology and Neuroscience: An Interdisciplinary Approach A
  • Psychology and Neuroscience: An Interdisciplinary Approach B
  • Cognitive Processes A
  • Intro to Statistics A
  • Intro to Statistics B


For more information: slimor@runi.ac.il