Our Alumni

  • Jenna Gellman

    Master’s student in neuroscience, researching the antidepressant effects of endocannabinoids.


    “This program served as a platform for me to carve out my career trajectory in neuroscience.”

  • Emily Kehatya Boxer

    Master’s student in neuroscience, working on boosting the efficiency of CAR-T immunotherapy by remodeling the extracellular matrix.

    “The Brain & Mind program provided me with the incredible opportunity to take part in fascinating research projects and develop critical thinking and scientific writing skills.”


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  • Ethel Boccara

    Ph.D. student in Psychology at Joseph Sagol Neuroscience Center, Sheba Medical Center.

    “Brain & Mind” is a wonderful program that enriched my research knowledge and confirmed my interest in pursuing a career in psychology and the research field. It allowed me to evolve from being a research assistant to a Ph.D. student.”


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  • Baillie Shuster

    Instructor, lab manager, and PhD candidate at Reichman University

    “The Brain & Mind is an amazing program that teaches students independence, critical thinking, and opens their eyes to diverse research fields. This program offers a unique opportunity to experience and explore the countless links between psychology, biology, and neuroscience.”


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  • Noam Ekhaus

    MS student in the Neuroscience and Education program at Teachers College, Columbia University, teaching assistant for the Human Functional Neuroanatomy course, and co-founder of "The Synapse", which makes neuroscience accessible in creative ways.


    “The program has changed my life and introduced me to the mysterious magical world of the brain. The rare research opportunities, the brilliant mentors, and the unique gatherings have been inspiring me until this very day.”


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  • Chen Shlush

    MA in Brain & Cognition.
    Project manager of applied behavioral, cognitive and data sciences at AURORA.


    “The “Brain & Mind” program introduced me to the world of Neuroscience. This program is the main reason I got into the field of clinical research, and I am very grateful for it.”


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  • Tal Tsafnat

    Medical student @ University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine.


    "I found my passion for medicine during the Brain & Mind program when I was offered the opportunity to work in clinical research with patients with Parkinson’s Disease".

  • Talya Zeimer

    Neuroscientist at Neurosteer

    "The program was a turning point in my undergraduate studies. Participating in the program allowed me to experience in fields that were not included in the psychology program, and that I am still engaged with in my professional life up to this day."


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  • Heather Kumove

    Ph.D. Student in Social Psychology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst

    "The program provided me with the tools I needed to pursue an academic career by exposing me to a variety of cutting-edge research projects, encouraging me to think critically about empirical work, and giving me practical experience working on independent research projects."


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  • Rom Barzilay

    Master's student in Computational and Systems Biology, Weizmann Institute of Science

    “The 'Brain & Mind' program provided me with the exceptional opportunity to take part in actual experimental work in an extremely supportive environment, learn new and important tools and pave my way to the incredible field of biological research.”


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  • Rotem Mika-Navé

    MSc Student in Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience

    “I was very lucky to have had the opportunity to practice research in Prof. Daniel Levy’s lab as part of the Brain & Mind program. The program definitely boosted my career in neuroscience"


  • Dana Roll

    MA in Brain and Cognition at Tel-Aviv University. Currently working as an Academic Lab Manager at Dr. Tom Schonberg's lab (MRI experiments)

    “During the "Brain & Mind" program, I first got to practice science hands-on; from building experimental setups, through running studies and analyzing data, to presenting and discussing scientific work - this program cultivated my curiosity and critical thinking, and lent me the confidence to continue in the track of neuroscience”


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