Psychology Honors Program

The Honors Program in Psychology is designed to give outstanding B.A. students who plan a career in Psychology a unique opportunity to learn about and engage in original research. The program involves participation in a seminar and requires the completion of an original, independent research project, resulting in an honors Thesis.

  • The Honors Seminar provides a level of discussion and participation not possible in traditional B.A. courses. The primary function of the Honors Seminar is to develop the scientific and professional skills of students in conjunction with their independent research projects.
  • The aim of the program is to provide excellent students the tools and experience to excel in Master’s programs globally. Thus, the primary focus of the seminar is the development of skills in critical reading, writing, and public speaking. Other functions of the Honors Seminar include education/career planning, and training in ethical practices, research methods, and planning.

  • Honors students are given certain library privileges.
  • Honors students are given the opportunity to enroll in graduate courses and seminars as part of their B.A. program (third-year elective courses and seminars). However, each case will be considered based on its merit, and we cannot commit to approving each request.
  • In the graduation ceremony, Honors students will receive a special diploma as students in the “Honors Program in Psychology.”