Our Alumni

  • Lihi Charcon

    Educational psychologist, Tel Aviv-Yafo Educational-Psychological Services

    "This is a unique program that greatly enriched my research knowledge as well as developed skills such as critical thinking and standing in front of an audience."

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  • Tomer Sabag

    Psychologist - Pediatric Sports Clinic of 'Sheba' Medical Center
    CEO & Founder- 'Crossfit-Ra'anana'

    "I was fortunate to be mentored by one of the best researchers in my field, and get an important jumpstart to the MA degree."

  • Juliet Gavison

    Software engineer at Startup Booster

    "This is where I learned the most during my studies. I immensely developed critical thinking and understood the scientific method and its importance, be it in experiments or literature reviews."

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  • Noga Raz

    Product analyst @ Wizdome.
    Master's student in clinical psychology

    "In the program, I had the privilege of being exposed to the world of research in a serious, evaluative, and focused way, which exposed me to the possibilities of my future as a researcher."

  • Lital Touati

    Master's student in clinical psychology.
    Working in the research team of the suicide prevention unit of the Ministry of Health.

    "This program helped me prepare for the MITAM test and provided me with research experiences."

  • Chen Erez

    Ph.D. Candidate and Clinical psychology intern

    "It was the best incubator for research excellence I could have asked for. helped me make an informed decision on whether I wanted to pursue an academic career."

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  • Aryeh Rothstein

    I work on projects in the lab of Professor Gyuri Buzsaki at NYU langone school of medicine

    "The program helped me develop important skills (e.g., presentations, and critical thinking) and allowed me to form friendships with students from both schools."

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  • Gal Kaplan

    Master's student in clinical psychology

    "The program allowed me to meet and learn from talented and inspiring individuals, both students and faculty members, and get a glimpse of psychology research."

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  • Raquel Landau

    Master's student in clinical psychology

    "Under supervision, I had the opportunity to learn first-hand about the different stages in research, by performing a study on emotional perception."

  • Mor Levi

    Master's student in clinical psychology.

    "The many hours we spent reading and analyzing amazing and innovative scientific research helped me form a curious and critical attitude toward psychological research, and science in general and helped me acquire valuable tools that serve me in my academic work."

  • Opal Fish

    Customer Success Expert and Head Trainer at CuraLife

    "It was a privilege to be selected for the Program with 12 other classmates from the International and Israeli schools at RU. We pushed each other academically and acquired skills that I apply in my current managerial role."

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  • Shahar Yankovich Shaked

    Shalvata mental health center

    "The program has a cardinal role in my definition as a researcher and a clinician, and the tools I have obtained will continue to be at my disposal in the future."

  • Matan Sheskin

    "The program propelled me into a summer internship at the University of Southern California (USC) in 2018."

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