What You Need to Apply

Admission decisions are based on a combination of academic and personal criteria: high school grades; standardized test scores (if applicable); letters of recommendation; a curriculum vitae (resume); and a personal essay.

ID or Passport

Applicants are required to upload a scanned copy of their Israeli ID card or International Passport.


High School Grades


Applicants must submit official copies of their high school transcripts and diplomas. Applicants in their final year of high school may submit partial transcripts. Acceptance of these applicants is contingent upon receipt of final transcripts that show they graduated and that their final grades are similar to those earned in previous semesters. Applicants who have completed at least 30 credits at university or community college may submit those transcripts in lieu of high school transcripts and a standardized test.


*Reichman University is not obliged to return original documents to the applicant.



Applicants must write a 250-500 word essay in English explaining why they would like to study in Israel at Reichman University, and why they chose the particular academic program for which they are applying. The essay should be uploaded to the online registration form.

Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume


Applicants must submit a CV (in English) detailing their educational history, volunteering activities, involvement in youth groups, army history (if applicable), and any employment details (if applicable). This should also be uploaded to the online registration form. Please make sure your full name is at the top of your CV and that it is in professional CV format.

English Proficiency


The academic curriculum of the Raphael Recanati International School is taught entirely in English. Graduates of high schools in which English was not the primary language of instruction are required to pass an English Proficiency Exam. If available, the exam results should also be uploaded to the online registration form. Depending on their test scores, students may be required to take English classes during their first year. There are four different English levels:

Students are exempt from any further English proficiency requirements.
 Advanced II 
Students are required to take and pass one English proficiency course during their first year at Reichman University.
 Advanced I+II
Students are required to take and pass two English proficiency courses during their first year at Reichman University.
 English Mechina (preparatory course)
Students are required to take and pass the Reichman University English preparatory summer course prior to the start of the academic year, as well as two English proficiency courses during their first year of studies.

Math Level Evaluation


Computer-Science and Entrepreneurship & Computer-Science applicants only, are required to ask their high school math teach to complete a math level evaluation form.



Entrepreneurship applicants only, are required to submit a supplementary questionnaire.





Applicants must submit two letters of recommendation from individuals who can assess their strengths, capabilities, and academic abilities. Evaluators can be teachers, educators, counselors, employers, or supervisors. The recommendation letters can be in either English or Hebrew and must be submitted directly by the recommender to the appropriate registrar or to rris.registrar@runi.ac.il. E-mails with the recommendation letters should include the name of the applicant and program to which they are applying. 

Transfer Students


In order to receive credits or exemptions for courses taken at another academic institution, students must submit a detailed syllabus in English for each course for which they are requesting credit and/or an exemption. Students can only submit credits for approval once they have been accepted and have confirmed their place in the program to which they have applied, by paying the $1,000 USD confirmation fee. Please note that Reichman University is not obligated to grant credit for courses taken at other academic institutions. To be eligible for a degree from Reichman University, students must earn at least 60% of their credits at Reichman University and must be enrolled at Reichman University for a minimum of two years. Please note that credits can only be awarded for courses taken within five years of when the student needs to take the courses at Reichman University.

Standardized Tests


For the 2023-24 year: Reichman University will be test-optional for those who graduate from high schools in the U.S. or Israel (who are normally required to submit SAT, ACT, or Psychometric exam scores). Where it is possible to test, do so, as it gives the RRIS Admissions Office an added quantitative ability to assess an applicant’s math level. However, candidates will not be penalized for not testing. Anyone who has completed at least one year of university-level studies with distinction is not required to submit a standardized test. Please make sure to check with the admissions office before applying, regarding your testing decision and status.


SAT  http://www.collegeboard.com 

The Reichman University SAT code is 4267

ACT http://www.act.org 

The Reichman University ACT code is 5385


All forms and documents must be submitted to the Raphael Recanati International School Admissions Office by July 15, 2023. Applications will not be reviewed or considered until all required documents are submitted. Applications submitted during the late period will be reviewed based on availability, and admission will be subject to compliance with the admissions requirements, as well as the approval of the Admissions Committee. Those who apply during the late period may also be placed on a waiting list.

Application Form and Fees


The Raphael Recanati International School accepts applications online.


The fee is $100 US and is non-refundable.

Please send all application materials to:


The Raphael Recanati International School

North America

c/o American Friends of Reichman University