The miLAB (Media Innovation Lab) and ARL (Advanced Reality Lab) at the School of Communications are offering a new and unique MA degree in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), which is first-of its-kind in Israel. Similar to leading programs in top universities in the US and Europe, MA in HCI is a transformative degree, providing students the methodologies and skills required to lead user-centered products in technology companies, interactive experiences in design companies, and cutting-edge research in academic and industry innovation labs.

About the Program

  • The program's goal is to provide students with practical research and design methodologies so that they can become experts in user-centered design and product innovation in technology companies.
  • Potential career paths include User research, Interaction design, UX/UI, Product innovation, and a range of emerging roles that require understanding of user needs and the ability to lead new products to fulfill those needs.
  • Students will create a wide range of creative projects in a "learning by doing" approach. Examples of potential student projects: evaluation of voice interfaces for smart home assistants, UX design for AI products such as conversation agents, IoT for children smart toys, VR for rehabilitation, wearable technology for sports. Students select a desired area of focus, accompanied by academic or industry mentors.
  • Courses include theory, practical methodology, creative prototyping, research projects, practicum, final project, and advanced electives.

Program Highlights

  • The length of the program is 12-16 months (three or four semesters, depending on the choice of courses), in English, designed for students and working professionals.
  • Studies are 2 days a week: Wednesdays 13:45-22:00 and Fridays 8:45-12:45. Students who wish to invest more time in their studies, can use the lab's prototyping workshops on additional days with no extra charge.
  • Project-based learning in research labs and design workshops, including creative prototyping with code, sensors, 3D printing, UX design and more.
  • Students will master core methodologies: User-centered product innovation and Service design | UX/UI design and user research | Interaction design and technology prototyping | Research of Human-Computer Interaction.
  • Practical experience in startups such as Snapchat, Amazon, Designit, Elbit, Microsoft, El Al , and in innovative industry and international academic research laboratories: MIT Media Lab, Stanford, Cornell, CMU.
  • Selected projects with industry partners include: Snapchat: a novel storytelling experience using AR, Amazon: user research for Alexa related voice interaction, Designit: novel in-flight experiences for El Al Israeli Airlines, using service design methodologies, Elbit: user research and novel prototyping for flight simulators and Microsoft: advanced interaction techniques with the Advanced Technology Labs (ATL) Israel.

What Are You Going to Study?

  • Students must complete short online preparatory courses before the program begins. Students can access the courses online during the summer, at their convenience, at no extra charge. Students who are interested in additional support can join the scheduled on-campus office hours. The preparatory courses are:

  • Research Seminars Select 1 of the 3

    Final project (4 credits) Personal mentoring towards a meaningful HCI project for the student's portfolio | Dr. Ayelet Segal, Mr. Ofir Sadka There are three types of projects, students can choose one from below.

    HCI Research Marathon

  • Student can also choose up to two electives from other programs, subject to availability and minimum prerequisites:

More About the Program

Further Information: 

    • Studies will take place twice a week: Wednesday afternoon and evening; Friday morning.
    • The program length is 12-16 months, three or four semesters, depending on the choice of courses.
    • Between semester 1 and 2 there will be a research marathon (full weekend) to enhance students' design & prototyping skills.
    • Grading is based on course projects and position papers.

  • As a learning-by-doing program, class attendance is mandatory.
  • Electives can also be selected from other Reichman University programs and schools: MBA, Communication and New Media, Computer Science, Law, Psychology. Limited availability.
  • Students who wish to invest more time in their studies, can use the lab's prototyping workshops on additional days with no extra charge, and can take more electives without credit.
  • Thesis students will be encouraged to join a research team in one of the Reichman University research labs, and to contribute to journal publications and international conference presentations.
  • The program provides a limited number of scholarships for eligible students, based on unique achievements or professional excellence.
    The deadline for submitting scholarship applications is June 30, 2022. For additional questions, please contact the registration department

For the Program Brochure please click here

*For the entire list of courses please refer to the Student Handbook

*The academic administration of Reichman University reserves the right to make changes to the curriculum.​

Lilach Spivak
HCI Researcher & Designer at miLAB

"The HCI program is a meeting point between the worlds of design, psychology and computer science and provides a broad perspective in HCI. I believe the toolbox I will be graduating with will open up a wide range of opportunities for integration into the worlds of user experience, advanced technology and innovation."

Paz Rothstein
Founder and creator of Brainder Creative

"My MA in HCI gives me tools to develop my entrepreneurial skills as a creator, through knowledge and experience in a variety of areas of human-computer interaction and development."

Dana Yichye Shwachman
Industrial designer and lecturer in the Department of Industrial Design at the Holon Institute of Technology, HIT

"Ever since I started studying for a masters in HCI, I feel like I'm constantly researching and exploring my environment from new, exciting perspectives."

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