Welcome from the Head of Program!


Prof. Oren Zuckerman

"HCI has already changed the world of computing, transforming computing from desktops to mobiles and wearables, and pioneering the field of UX design and UX research. Our program gives students the tools to lead the next digital revolution, including VR/AR experiences and AI/Autonomous devices, towards a human-centered approach to product innovation."


The program is led by cutting-edge research labs and industry practitioners. Labs include the milab (Media Innovation Lab) and ARL (Advanced Reality Lab) at the School of Communications, and the Brain Technologies lab at the school of psychology. 


The unique MA in HCI degree is first-of-its-kind in Israel. Similar to leading programs in top universities in the US and Europe, our program provides students with the methodologies and skills required to lead user-centered products in technology companies, interactive experiences in design companies, and cutting edge research in academic and industry innovation labs.


Our faculty members have expertise in HCI research (VR/AR, UX for AI, Robotic Objects, Neuro-wellness and brain technologies), technology prototyping (electronics and code, digital fabrication, VR modeling, physiology and neuro sensing, and biology prototyping), psychology and HCI research methods (mixed methods, both quantitative and qualitative evaluation of interactive experiences), speculative design, and social impact of technology."


Prof. Oren Zuckerman