​Industry Partners 



The program collaborates with industry in several ways: mentoring for students, innovation projects, UX design and UX research projects, and practicum opportunities. Partners include: Snapchat, Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Wix, Booking, Designit, BBC, Elbit, Amdocs, Bank Leumi, MagicLeap, Waze, Taboola, AppsFlyer, Via, Lemonade, Monday, Bizzabo, SimilarWeb, SentinelOne, DevianArt, Fiverr, Retain.ai, and many more. In addition, the program faculty engages in interactive design and art projects, presented at Vitra Museum in Germany, Eretz Israel Museum in Israel, the DIS (Designing Interactive Systems) conference, and more.


Our mentoring Guild includes selected VP Products, UX Designers, and UX researchers from top-growth companies from the Israeli and the international tech industry.

The mentors include:

  • Adi Diamant, Director, Advanced Technology Lab, Microsoft 
  • Asaf Barzilay, VP Product, Via
  • Ohad Kedar, VP Product, Lemonade
  • Tal Koren, VP Product, Retain.ai
  • Amit Wurgaft, VP Experience, Bizzabo
  • Rotem Waissman, VP Design, Monday.com
  • Oded Babyoff, VP Design, SimilarWeb
  • Talia Lavie, Head of UX and Design, AppsFlyer
  • Adam Sher, Product Design Lead, Taboola
  • Jon Bar, Director of UX Research, Amdocs
  • Zvika Guy, Head of UX, Wix (DeviantArt)
  • Yoram Bachman, Head of UX, SentinelOne
  • Tali Rosen Shoham, UX Researcher Manager, Google
  • Rachel Hashimshoni, UX Researcher Lead, Waze-Google
  • Jessica Jaffe, UX Researcher, Facebook (Novi)
  • Adam Horowitz, UX Researcher & UX Lead, Booking.com
  • Vinoba Vinayagamoorthy, Project Researcher & Development Engineer, BBC
  • Noam Segal, Director of User Research, Wealthfront

During the academic year, students can work on industry projects or engage  with our strategic partners. Here are some examples from past years.



Collaboration with Adidas: a prototype for improving air pollution for athletes

The concept:

Airun is a smart sensor device designed to enhance the user's physical performance and well-being by monitoring the air quality exposure. The device, easily attachable to any clothing, collects air quality data while in use and sends it to a global platform for aggregation. Integrated with the Adidas Running app, Airun offers users route suggestions based on aggregated data from the community to reduce the harmful effects on health. The project was presented to Adidas International Emerging Market teams, who arrived from Europe & Dubai.



Team Members: Guy Klipshtein, Ellie Krasnick, Khen Dror, Emi Schenkelbach Kleiner, Ceremel Raanani

UXR Mentors: Jessica Jaffe, UX Researcher, Meta (Novi)

Academic Mentors: Dr. Ayelet Segal, Ofir Sadka

Sustainability Expert: Yael Rozencwajg, Chairperson IEEE Global AI Systems Well-being Initiative

Collaboration with Snapchat: a concept for novel storytelling experience using AR

Cottage is an AR smart home expert that controls physical connected devices in the house. The student team explored how AR objects can interact with real world devices, helping users understand device-to-device communication in the home, and enhance sense of presence. This project was created as part of the Snap Creative Challenge, an international competition around the themes of "Reimagine the Future of Storytelling With Augmented Reality". The project was and presented at IMX 2020, the ACM International Conference on Interactive Media Experiences 



Project Team: Dr. Jonathan Giron, Mr. Iddo Wald

Students: Daphna Abulafia, Shira Czerninski, Adi Gilad, Udi Lumnitz, Dan Pollak, Paz Rotshtein

Faculty Mentors: Prof, Doron Fridman (ARL, Advanced Realty Lab), Prof. Oren Zuckerman (milab, Media Innovation Lab)

Snap Challenge Mentor: Dr. Vinoba Vinayagamoorthy (BBC R&D)