​Our Unique Study Space


The Lab spaces includes a teaching area, research area, photography studio, experiment room, and fabrication workshops.
The fabrication workshops are available for classes and research projects, and include: 3D printings, Vinyl cutter, Laser cutters, Vacuum forming, CNC, Wood and Metal hand tools and more.
The technology prototyping resources include Electronics (controllers, sensors, actuators), Soldering station, PCB milling station, Electrophysiology, a social robotics prototyping platform, and a wide range of VR and AR devices.

Hands-on Prototyping   


The hands-on prototyping courses involve:

  • Digital fabrication with 3D printers, laser cutters, vacuum forming, and hand tools;
  • Coding with the p5js creative coding environment; 
  • Hardware prototyping with Arduino and ESP boards, including a variety of sensors and actuators, and a custom robotics animation platform that enables rapid prototyping of robotic objects and AI devices; 
  • Virtual and Augmented reality prototyping using the Unity authoring tools and a variety of VR/AR systems.


In these courses, students work on a variety of projects, from small personal projects to extensive final projects. 

For example: a critical design project of a snowglobe containing city landscape, in an effort to increase awareness to pollution in cities (3D printed plastics, laser cut wooden models); a model for a water bag that filters water using charcoal (nylon sheets with 3D printed parts); a portable kit for parents that makes it easy to mix baby formula with water in a sterile and immediate way (nylon with 3D printed parts); an educational kit for children designed to increase awareness about brushing teeth (hot-water sensitive filament). Another set of projects include new material research, for example bioplastics, mixed materials for increased flexibility, strength, or appearance.