The MA program in Organizational Behavior and Development offers students and professionals the opportunity to acquire expertise across a variety of pressing issues that confront organizational development, leadership, and management, in Israel and around the world. Graduates will learn from real-world experiences in the organizational field, and develop effective interventions that can improve the functioning of businesses, governments, and schools, as well as for-profit and nonprofit organizations.

Meaningful Learning

The program combines theoretical learning, action-oriented learning, and supervised professional training. The curriculum includes intensive workshops and experimental learning. Students also participate in practicum classes, which are designed to develop their basic counseling skills and to provide them with professional training in organizational diagnosis. Students gain practical experience in their second year, when they enter organizations and conduct a complete supervised organizational analysis. Most classes will be conducted in small groups. This will facilitate dialogue among the students and enable them to participate in discussions and to benefit from a personalized and highly relevant learning experience.

Career Development

We believe that building a meaningful career is a complex process. We put special emphasis on assisting each and every student in developing their skills and in achieving their career goals. During the two-year program, students explore various career routes and options. An MA degree in Organizational Behavior and Development opens up numerous vocational opportunities, such as working in consulting firms, as counselors in profit and nonprofit organizations, and in human resources (HR) positions. Students are encouraged to explore different career paths throughout the program, and to take advantage of networking and professional development opportunities, such as: guest lecturers; counseling; and classes and workshops dealing with professional identity. Students interested in exploring different career routes or discussing career-related issues with a professional in this field are invited to apply to our OBD mentoring program.

Bridging Academia and Real-World Organizations

We believe that in order to become a professional in the organizational field, students must be exposed to the actual challenges facing organizations today. We therefore collaborate with dozens of companies who open their doors to us and enable our students to experience fir​st-hand how theories are put into practice.

Academic and Professional Excellency

Our lecturers are leading scholars in their fields, academics of international repute who have extensive teaching and research experience in universities in Israel and worldwide. The interdisciplinary curriculum focuses on the interface between organizational behavior, social psychology, positive psychology, counseling, and business administration.

Study in English, Meet Israelis

In addition to the MA OBD program in English, Reichman University offers a similar MA program in Hebrew. Elective classes, as well as professional extracurricular activities, are provided to both programs together. This is a unique opportunity to study in English while also being exposed to Israeli culture and lifestyle. Reichman University is ideally situated in the center of the country, near the Mediterranean coast, six miles north of Tel Aviv. The campus is located in a residential neighborhood in the city of Herzliya.

First year

In the first year, studies will provide you with a theoretical framework for understanding the structure and dynamics of organizations. The curriculum focuses mainly on establishing a wide perspective and enabling students to approach organizational issues from various angles. From your first day in the OBD program, you will start practicing and working on your counseling and communication skills.

Second year

In the second year, studies focus on a more practical aspect of the profession - learning by doing. Students will participate in a research seminar and in professional workshops designed to sharpen their counseling skills, and deepen their understanding of various issues. Students will also conduct a complete organizational diagnosis under the supervision of our faculty.

What Are You Going To Study?

  • For the entire list of courses please refer to the Student Handbook 
  • Students who take a part-time track can take these courses only in their second year of studies.
  • The academic administration of Reichman University reserves the right to make changes to the curriculum.​

Why Study OBD at Reichman University

​OBD Program Curriculum:


The program spans two years (4 semesters):


Courses are taught twice a week (days are subject to change).

  • 1st year - Tuesday & Friday
  • 2nd year - Tuesday & Friday

Note that during the second year, intense workshops and practicums might require students to come in on additional days.

Kylie Eisman-Lifschitz, Australia
Workwell - Founder & CEO

“I chose OBD because of its up-to-date approach. Its lecturers are top professionals in their fields and very much in touch with the marketplace. The learning experience at Reichman University is exactly what I needed to enrich my professional understanding and support my career development.”

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