Why Study OBD at IDC


The OBD program at IDC is special because...

Organizations from Within:

A number of times during the year students will have the opportunity to join a tour of a leading company or NGO in Israel. The tour offers the unique experience of meeting organizational development and human resource professionals in an informal setting and learning first-hand about the challenges organizations face today, and how they tackle these challenges.

Practicum - Putting Theory into Practice:

During each of the program's four semesters, students participate in small group practicum classes which are designed to develop their basic counseling skills and to provide them with professional training in organizational diagnosis. In the first year we focus on developing students' communication skills - interviewing, asking questions, giving and receiving feedback. In the second year students will enter organizations and conduct a complete supervised organizational diagnosis process.

Intense Workshops:

Twice a year, we organize intense learning workshops, exposing the students to a unique teaching method that emphasizes experiential learning. For example: International Perspectives on Organizational Consultation; Toolbox for the Consultant.


Students interested in exploring different career routes or discussing career-related issues with a professional in this field, are invited to apply to our OBD mentoring program.

Study in English, Meet Israelis

Parallel to the OBD MA program in English, we offer a similar MA program in Hebrew. Elective classes, as well as professional extra-curricular activities, are provided to both programs together. This is a unique opportunity to study in English and at the same time be exposed to Israeli culture and life-style.