MBA Healthcare Innovation

Our graduates and students have created a solid basis for integration in the working market.

  • Moshe Ashkenazi, MD

    Deputy Director at Edmond and Lily Safra's Children's hospital, Sheba medical center

    "The well-structured courses introduced us to the world of healthcare & innovation. It took us few steps forward by meeting leaders from Israel and abroad. The combination of an excellent program and an ongoing pandemic, highlighted the importance of HC innovation."
  • Annie Kaufman

    R & D Collaborations & Partnerships Manager 

    “The program provided a unique opportunity experience learning through innovation, leaving a mark on your future. It is not only the learning methods and diverse curriculum that are so unique but also the relationships and friendships formed within the program.” 

  • Nuno Sousa Dias, MD

    Renowned Dental Specialist

    “Innovation is the hottest subject in the healthcare world and the integration with business administration helps us as managements to cope with the modern health care challenges.”

  • Prof. Gal Markel, MD PhD

    Deputy Director General of Rabin Medical Center and Director of the Davidoff Center for cancer

    "I had the privilege to take part in the first class of the program. The theoretical basis coupled with practical hands-on experience merge into a language, which is necessary in today's healthcare environments."

  • Tammy Galili

    ​CEO of Ilex medical Ltd

    ​"The program has provided me a strong and clear understanding of the future dilemmas that today's Health Systems are facing here in Israel and across the world. In addition, I've gained the ability of building a leaders network in this field."

  • Mati Gill

    CEO, AION Labs

    ​"The curriculum and the study trip to the USA motivated me to be a part of the future leadership generation of the health industry and systems in Israel and in the world."

  • Daniella Cohen, MD

    ​Director of Family Medicine at Maccabi Healthcare Services

    ​"The program provided me with a diverse set of tools and skills that have enhanced my abilities as a manager and deepened my understanding regarding innovations in healthcare."

  • Ariel Furer, MD

    ​Chief Innovation Officer, IDF Medical Corps

    "The most meaningful aspect of this program for me was bringing together the most incredible group of students to think of and challenge the future of healthcare. These talented and outstanding individuals became my close group for consultation in anything that has to do with healthcare innovation and much more than that."

  • Natali Gotlieb

    Senior Director, Corporate Business Planning & Analysis at Teva Pharmaceuticals

    ​"This program gave me the opportunity to enrich my networking with 'cherry-picked' students from different sides of the industry,  a unique opportunity to meet with the leading professionals of today (and of tomorrow!)."

  • Hadas Givon

    Clinical Trial Manager at Pi-Cardia

    ​"I joined this program because I was looking for a new way of  thinking and to see different aspects of the industry and the people who lead that industry- and this is exactly what I got from this program."

  • Ariel Zylbersztejn

    Founder of Ana; Co-founder and Chairman of Paz-Mental

    ​"​This year has been unforgettable. Coming all the way from Mexico to study the Healthcare innovation program was immensely valuable for my life, my family and my company. I took time to learn and reflect. I met great people and re-built the vision of my company."

  • Muriel Webb, MD

    Head of radiology, Maccabi

    ​"This MBA program was an unique experience that gave me the opportunity to approach the world of innovations in healthcare, to strengthen my leadership skills and last but not least to meet new friends and future partners."

  • Saar Oz Ph.D.

    ​VP Sales, Ilex medical Ltd

    ​”Entrepreneurship in the Biomed and medical fields  is a  real existing need.  The MBA in Healthcare Innovation program at the IDC is the only program that have an answer for that need in a very  precise way.”

  • Naama Golan, MD

    ​Medical Domain Expert, K Health

    ​​"For those that are working in interdisciplinary companies, or try to evolve in a changing environment, this year is amazing- it gave me the right tools to cooperate with different teams and build a working team inside an evolving and complicated project in a high-tech company."

  • Nir Rosenberg, MD

    Plastic Surgeon at Maccabi Healthcare Services

    ​"This program became a great opportunity for me to enter the world of business entrepreneurship. During the program I got to know wonderful friends and partners to establish and promote innovative ventures in healthcare."

  • Ben Friesem

    CTO & Co Founder VeinWay

    ​"The most valuable thing I received is a family of like-minded, highly motivated and talented individuals we created whom I can count on for advice and support now and in the future."

  • Gal Brenner

    Product Manager | Co-Founder & CTO at Hela Health

    ​“This program was an opportunity to meet talented innovators and industry leaders from diverse backgrounds who all shared the same goal: impact the future of healthcare. Each day I learned something unique from our professors and colleagues that has helped shape me as a leader in healthcare.”

  • Rafael (Rafi) Friedman

    General Manager at Mediplast Israel

    ​"This program was both enlightening and exhilarating. It provided me a deep understanding of the international healthcare micro and macro systems. I was fortunate to build a wide-ranging network with a group of professionals and unquestionably Israel's future healthcare leaders."