Welcome Parents to Reichman University



We’re delighted that your child is considering studying at Reichman University.

Your family is facing an important decision as you select a college, and we are sure that you have many fine options. We are equally certain that you want the best for your child so we would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the reasons we believe Reichman University could be the right choice.

  • Reichman University students graduate with a BA or BSc in just three years.
  • A Reichman University degree opens doors. Reichman University graduates are highly sought after in the job market and are accepted into top universities for MA and PhD degrees worldwide.
  • In addition, you can earn a BA and MA in just 4 years
    Reichman University operates a Career Development Center that aims to prepare students and alumni for the job market and provide them with the tools to find suitable employment both before and after they graduate.
  • Reichman University offers a large array of extracurricular activities including numerous clubs, community service opportunities, Hillel, monthly Shabbat dinners, and trips among others. Check out our Campus Life for a full list.
  • This vibrant learning environment is enhanced by 2,000 classmates who come to Reichman University from 90 countries around the world, with over 300 lone soldiers studying for full degrees.
  • Reichman University placed number one in student satisfaction in quality teaching for four consecutive years in a nationwide survey conducted by the Israel Council of Higher Education.
  • RRIS staff provides a “safety net” for international students, aiding them to acclimate to their new environment in Israel.
  • First year students are assigned a “peer counselor”, a veteran Israeli student who helps them navigate through their first year.
  • Reichman University is Israel's first private university.
  • Reichman University has more than 120 exchange programs with leading universities from around the world.
  • Reichman University is proud to present its dormitory complex with 750 new, high-quality, fully equipped residential units in the three 13-story buildings located on the beautiful Reichman University campus.


Join a network of 27,000 Reichman University alumni worldwide.

For more information:
E-Mail: rris.registrar@runi.ac.il
Phone: +972 9 9602700