The Reichman University alumni community is expanding rapidly. Within the community there are growing collaborations between the graduates, as well as with Reichman University. Reichman University alumni can be found at leading graduate programs around the world, in major law firms, high-tech companies, investment houses, international consulting companies, the Israeli Knesset, Israeli government agencies, and other prestigious organizations. Many alumni have used the entrepreneurial training they received at Reichman University to successfully launch their own businesses or initiatives in the private and public sectors.

  • Arielle Barokas

    Deputy Digital Director at Rahav Media

    ​"Reichman University has such a beautiful campus and on top of everything, the Reichman University offers the option to study in English, which is so amazing for internationals."

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  • Shulamit Finley

    Machine Learning & Data Science MSc Student

    ​"At Reichman University, I'm surrounded by open-minded, passionate faculty and students, who facilitate a true education beyond mere schooling. I'm inspired by the principles RU manifests. I'm proud to be a student of the RRIS, and I'm thrilled about where my education will lead me."

  • Ben Milstein

    Associate at J.P Morgan

    ​"I wanted to find a place that would have a significant international community, as well as, more opportunities than just classes, and Reichman University was just the place."

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  • Tanya Gudelsky

    Property Consultant at Willis Burton

    "Reichman University's education goes far beyond the inside of a classroom: from meeting people from around the globe, to becoming an adult on your own terms. Reichman University gave me the know-how to start my own events company and make it a beautiful success."

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  • Doron Maman

    Managing Partner at Excellent

    ​"The Reichman University offers firstly a family, then an education, always putting the student first to help them learn and succeed."

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  • Drew Schwartz

    Founder of Gateway2change & CEO at Drew Schwartz LLC

    ​"The RRIS at Reichman University in Israel is with me everywhere I go and I cannot thank the friends that I have made enough for helping shape my life in positive, formative ways."

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  • Arik Kotkowski

    Senior Account Manager at Control Risks

    "My B.A. in Government Counter-Terrorism from Reichman University gave me the background necessary to develop an international career in risk consulting. Studying this subject in Israel carries its own weight when applying for jobs or talking with clients."

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  • Saul Joffe

    Client Service Specialist at Insight Investment

    ​“Business administration majoring in finance helped me jump straight into the workforce. My degree helped me get jobs in investment banks in London. I was fortunate to have been a part of this university and would do it all over again. Thank you for an incredible experience and allowing me to succeed.”

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  • Ella Drory

    Columbia University - MPA Candidate

    ​"A degree in Government at Reichman University teaches you how to think, comprehend and analyze the world. This enriching experience accompanies me today in my professional life. Thanks to IDC, I carry values of leadership and responsibility in my day to day work." 

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  • Daniel Rubin

    ​CEO at Keese Financial

    "After studying Psychology & Business at RU, I worked in business development for a startup, founded my own venture, and now run operations at Keese Finance. Studying at RU helped me network, taught me business and entrepreneurship fundamentals and instilled in me the psychology behind what we do." 

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  • Ninoska Levy

    Credit & Collection Specialist at Check Point Software Technologies, Ltd. 

    ​“Reichman University is a support system that motivated me to apply for positions that I could only dream of. Today, I work for one of the most recognized and successful companies in Israel." 

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  • Tal Sieger

    HR Director at Guesty

    ​"My degree in Psychology with a minor in Business was the perfect mix to get me started in HR. The connections I made along the way at Reichman University got me my first job and from there it all went smoothly." 

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  • Ornella Siso

    ​Partner Manager, Consumer Tech & B2C at Facebook

    ​“R.U and the Zell Entrepreneurship Program introduced me to the world of Israeli hi-tech, digital marketing and business development. My learning experience was enriched. I work at Facebook in Dublin as a Partner Manager for the Israeli market.”

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  • Jack Gottesman

    Marketing Services Manager, U.S. Residential at IKO Industries

    "I employ many of the methods that I learned at the Reichman University and I am eternally grateful for my time and teachers and I can say with confidence that  I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for Reichman University.” 

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  • Josh Rod

    ​Solutions Marketing Manager at SimilarWeb

    ​"In the modern business environment you need a strong grounding in the fundamentals and the rest is down to your ability to be creative and learn as you go. Reichman University not only gives you the best possible grounding, but it also teaches you how to be creative in your given field."

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  • Ian Zeifman

    Strategy & Marketing Director at Amdocs

    ​"Reichman University was truly a great experience. The school's vision, multidisciplinary approach and ability to execute continues to be an inspiration in my career."

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  • Boris Farber

    ​Partner Engineer at Google

    ​"Reichman University made me realize that there is no limit in what I can achieve."

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  • Dana Tal

    Solution Engineer at Salesforce

    ​"Reichman University & the UpStart program have exposed me to the Israeli High-tech industry and provided me with a unique set of practical skills. At Reichman University, students are encouraged to fulfill their innovative and creative ideas. This experience was very valuable to me."

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  • Samantha Greenberg

    ​Senior Manager at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies 

    ​"R.U gave me the skills to turn my ideas into action while becoming a leader. Learning CounterTerrorism/National Security from the top thinkers in the field gave me instant credibility when searching for a job. International classmates gave me a global perspective." 

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  • Sarita Guindi

    Debate Teacher and English Assistant at Centro de Estudios Ibn Gabirol - Colegio Estrella Toledano

    ​"Reichman University was an amazing experience, in part because of all the international friends I made but also because it opened up my interest to continue learning and growing in the Psychology career path."

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  • Dana Yichye Shwachman

    CEO and Founder at Inclu Design Studio​ & lecturer in the Department of Industrial Design at Holon Institute of Technology

    ​"Ever since I started studying HCI, I feel like I'm constantly researching and exploring my environment from new, exciting perspectives."

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  • Lilach Spivak

    UX Designer & Researcher

    ​"The HCI program at R.U is a meeting point between the worlds of design, psychology and computer science that provides a broad perspective. I believe the toolbox I will be graduating with will open up a range of opportunities for integration into the worlds of UX, advanced technology and innovation."

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  • Paz Rothstein

    ​Founder and creator of Brainder Creative

    ​"My MA in HCI gives me tools to develop my entrepreneurial skills as a creator, through knowledge and experience in a variety of areas of human-computer interaction and development."

  • Daniel Kovler

    ​CEO at Ludus Technologies

    ​“Studying at the RRIS helped me get a better understanding of cultures, political systems, and financial/business strategies. I made connections and had inspiring teachers. The RRIS pushed me and gave me the tailwind I needed to succeed in establishing my initiatives (Atid Plus, Ludus) during studies.”

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  • Sara Wahlhaus

    ​Economic Analyst at Ernst & Young

    ​"The RRIS gave me a foundation for an international career, as well as a solid base to build my network in Israel and globally. Its interdisciplinary offerings and practical attitude towards entrepreneurship have helped me build my skill set so that I could strive in the technology-driven business world.”

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  • Hadar Tzour

    Media Consultant at Debby Group

    “My studies at Reichman University were truly an adventure during which I consumed so much knowledge and practical experience. This has enabled me to work with diverse clients from various fields, and to learn fast and adapt quickly.”
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  • Ofir Tayeb

    ​Software Developer at Check Point Software

    ​“R.U is the perfect educational package. The combination of high-level studies and a well-maintained learning environment made me strive for excellence. This helped advance and allowed me to go from knowing nothing in Computer Science to working for the world’s leading cyber security company.”

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  • Alexandra Cohen

    ​Founder at Hydria Water Innovations

    ​"Entrepreneurship within Reichman University's Sustainability School is a big focus, and this is something I would not have gotten at any other university, I believed studying sustainability in Israel at Reichman University would enable me to be in the same unique position as a professional." 

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  • Duna Ecija Cousens

    Founder at ​Hydria Water Innovations

    ​"Hydria Water Innovations is the first environmental-impact based consultancy and distribution firm of its kind, a vision we reached while students at the Sustainability School of Reichman University, and understanding the global and cross-sectoral levels of water challenges."

  • Ronni Elad

    ​​VP Human Resources at Shilav

    ​"​My decision to join the international program, despite being Israeli, left an imprint on my career. Learning in English gave me an advantage in finding my first job in the field. With over 700 employees, it allows me to help the organization achieve it's goals in the best way while being a strategic partner."

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