The Reichman University alumni community is expanding rapidly. Within the community there are growing collaborations between the graduates, as well as with Reichman University. Reichman University alumni can be found at leading graduate programs around the world, in major law firms, high-tech companies, investment houses, international consulting companies, the Israeli Knesset, Israeli government agencies, and other prestigious organizations. Many alumni have used the entrepreneurial training they received at Reichman University to successfully launch their own businesses or initiatives in the private and public sectors.

  • Alex Feingold

    United Kingdom
    Business & Economics
    Account Manager, Google

    "RU gave me unique opportunities that propelled me on my professional journey. The ability to connect and network with people from around the world."

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  • Shani Orlovsky

    Government & Sustainability
    Green building consultant, Alfa

    "Studying here opened my eyes to the possibilities and complexities of the world, and an array of global topics. My degree gave me research skills that allow me to take diversify my career.”

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  • Ben Yoel

    PhD Michigan State University

    "Earning my BA, MA degrees in Government at RU, along with the various opportunities provided to collaborate with faculty members from the Lauder school, gave me the skills to pursue my PhD.”

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  • Pablo Vinocur

    Head of Social Media Strategy, i24 News

    "RU taught me tremendous life lessons: Have an holistic approach when taking on all projects; a good team will always lead you to great places.”

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  • Sarit Sass

    Computer Science
    Account Executive, Healthcare Microsoft

    "The Efi Arazi School of Computer Science at Reichman University provided me with both technical and leadership tools, which were key factors in my career development journey.”

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  • Stav Hazan

    South Africa
    Entrepreneurship and Computer Science
    QA Engineer, Guidde

    "My experience at RU has been valuable. The combination of entrepreneurship and technology opened a door for me to an array of opportunities in growing and innovative industries.”

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  • Daniel Kamp

    Business Administration
    EA to CEO, Sales Coordinator, Venn

    "Learning the principles of starting a business, experiences through mentorship from high-level professionals in the Israeli startup ecosystem, has enabled an understanding of how to start.”

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  • Ornella Siso

    Entrepreneurship and Business Administration
    Co-Founder and CMO, idyl

    "RU and the Zell program introduced me to the world of startups, tech, and marketing. I gained the hands-on tools that allowed me to found idyl.”

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  • Alex Grunwald Peter

    Recruiting Manager, Meta

    "RU was a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Living in Israel while studying Psychology and Business in English alongside classmates from all around the world gave me a true cultural experience.”

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  • Sara Wahlhaus

    Business & Economics
    Payments, J.P. Morgan

    "My majors taught me practically apply the principles of Economics to Business Administration and developed skills that have been applicable and valuable in my professional experience."

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  • Yiang Gao

    Business & Entrepreneurship
    Board Secretary Assistant, Sisram Medical

    "My studies have given me a base to build on my business and entrepreneurship skills. My enrollment in a wide selection of interdisciplinary courses has laid a solid foundation for my graduate study."

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  • Michael Cohen

    Business Administration
    Head of Technology, Cuckierman & Co.

    "I can truly appreciate the practical knowledge and tools that RU gave me for real life challenges. I will always bring with me the friendships and experiences that helped me shape my career."

  • Moises Levy

    CRM Specialist, Entain

    "RU helped me broaden my knowledge, values and skills for the career I’ve always wanted to practice. It enabled me to be more efficient, look for accurate ways to solve problems, and grow my network."

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  • Sonja Goldberger

    Content Writer, Smartlify

    "Specializing in Political Communications, Marketing and Public Diplomacy has enabled me to learn a lot about the world we live in today and definitely changed the way I look at things."

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  • Noa Kawa

    Computer Science & Entrepreneurship
    Data Scientist, Moveo HLS

    "CS and Entrepreneurship is a great program for people who enjoy math and solving problems. It really developed my business knowledge and my soft skills while CS developed my hard skills."

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  • Agathe Sarfati

    Senior Policy Analyst, International Peace Institute

    "The Government program gave an opportunity to explore my passion for international security policy, and issues that have become my areas of expertise."

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  • Ariel Goldenstein

    Sales Executive, US Mobile Phones

    "RU helps students fulfill their ambitions. At RU I founded the soccer league with help the staff. After graduating RU gave me the best international network when it comes to business."

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  • Stella Taskar

    BDR, Cornerstone

    "RU helped me a lot to develop myself and to show myself where my strengths and weaknesses are. Through various courses as well as field experience, I learned theory and practice."

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  • Alissa Abrahami

    Sustainability & Government
    Content Manager,

    "Even a few years after graduating, I am glad to be in touch with some of the friends and professors I met at Reichman University."

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